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Wm At K 2022 In Duesseldorf: Innovation Made In Switzerland

WM Thermoforming Machines SA

Wm At K 2022 In Duesseldorf: Innovation Made In Switzerland

WM will participate with machine demonstrations – live and remote – and will present new thermoforming solutions, test results on new materials, interesting insights into the plastic industry and much more…

“Between now and October 19, we expect market dynamics to change and reconfigure in unpredictable ways, and new scenarios will open up ” said WM General Manager Luca Oliverio. “That’s why we are working on an exhibition mix that is as balanced and comprehensive as possible”.

“At our booth we will have our full sales force, one thermoforming machine in function for live demonstrations, and several interactions and insights – live, remote, and virtual.

This year we gained on 30% more exhibition space compared to the last edition in 2019, so that we can accommodate more visitors on our booth safely, without creating crowds when we run the machine.

We have also decided to prioritize comfort in the areas dedicated to negotiations with customers, equipping these spaces with workstations connected remotely to equipment in operation in different locations, based on what the customers want to see.”

But this “exhibition mix” will have further unfolding.

“In Düsseldorf we will also explore the themes related to new materials, and we will present the results of the production tests we are conducting on the new foam materials, new barrier monomaterials, etc. These trials were possible also thanks to the use of test moulds created in collaboration with our strategic partners,” Oliverio said.

“Another topic we will present at the K will be the performance improvements on our machines. For instance, I am thinking about the new version of our flagship thermoforming machine, the FC 780 E. It will allow for better mould adaptability, a subject that WM cares a lot about, and which saves customers significant investments in mould changes. The new version will also feature noteworthy improvements in software (i.e. easier human-machine interaction), rationalization, and aesthetics.

Then, we will also present a new improved stacking system (currently patent pending), that will shake up the performances on tilting machines.

But that’s not all. We will also talk about synergies, flexibility and choices in end-of-line automation.

From now until October we will post more information on our channels (website, Youtube, newsletter and LinkedIn). We encourage all the customers to follow us to discover what we have planned.”



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