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What is happening at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022

What is happening at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION 2022

PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION will present innovative solutions for multichannel and dialogue marketing from 22 to 23 June 2022. The conference and workshop programme of the congress and trade fair will convey practice-oriented knowledge in the form of inspiring specialist presentations.

Lars Schlimbach, Head of Partner Management & -Development Dialogue Marketing at Deutsche Post, Olaf Wolff, 1st Chairman of the Content Marketing Forum (CMF) and Ulrich Gursky, Head of Communication, SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH are among the 50 top speakers travelling to Düsseldorf, Germany for the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION in June. Visitors can expect a highly relevant and practical transfer of knowledge on the key topics of Value Added Printing, Marketing Automation and Programmatic Printing as well as Sustainable Media Production.

The conference programme deals with all the essential topics that are currently affecting the industry. For example, the presentations will address the strategic future viability of print or show solutions on how to transfer digital marketing mechanisms into print strategies. What additional benefits does value-added printing offer for e-commerce and the customer experience? How can print finishing and sustainability be joined in the process? Participants will learn all this and much more in the daily nineteen half-hour presentations divided in three parallel “slots” and the Forum Stadthalle with key panel discussions. The open format invites the professional audience to actively contribute with questions.

The first congress session, organised by the Creatura industry initiative, is dedicated to the focal topic of Value Added Printing in its entire spectrum. The speakers will show how visual, haptic, olfactory and interactive finishing options create value-added potential and increase the perception of brands, products and communication. For example, best practices will be used to explain how efficient and relevant print works in the field of e-commerce. In addition, convincing print-based solutions will be presented which have proven to reduce enormous return rates in online commerce.

Programmatic print means moving away from broad distribution and towards more targeted, individual information. The speakers at the session “Marketing Automation & Programmatic Printing”, presented and conducted by the Programmatic Print Alliance (PPA), will show how this can be achieved. In presentations and workshops, the PPA will show the development potential of Programmatic Printing. Participants will learn how advertisers can best use digitised print mailings, which online marketing solutions are promising for print products and how print can be optimally integrated into marketing automation processes.

The future of print is sustainable. Against the backdrop of disruptive supply chains, rising energy and raw material prices and resource bottlenecks, the topic of sustainable media production is more relevant than ever. In this thematic component – organised by the Umdex Initiative – experts will show how a commitment to sustainability also offers significant added value in the production of media. Because sustainability strategies not only bring production and cost advantages, but are also an indispensable and decisive argument for communication with brand owners and customers.

For the upcoming event, participants will also be offered panel presentations at the “Forum Stadthalle” for the first time. This newly created forum offers inspiring content, interaction and exciting discussion rounds in an open format in the exhibition area and visitors can participate free of charge. This platform will feature new ideas and successful concepts on future technologies and will address trend topics such as IT security, customised workflow automation and augmented reality in addition to specialist presentations.

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