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Water Soluble PVA Bags And Products To Save India’s Oceans And Beaches

Water Soluble PVA Bags And Products To Save India’s Oceans And Beaches

Annually, India generates more than 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste. And that resulted into one of the biggest obstacles of mankind.  Plastics often contain additives making them strong more flexible, and durable. But many of these additives can extend the life of products if they become litter, with some estimates ranging to at least 400 years to break down.


When plastic gets dumped into landfills and oceans, “Once in the ocean, it is difficult—if not impossible—to retrieve plastic waste” quoted Mr. Trash Wheel. Millions of animals are killed by it every year, from birds to fish to other marine organisms. Approximately 700 species, including endangered ones, are known to have been affected by plastics. Nearly every species of seabird eats plastics.


Plastics have been consumed by land-based animals, including elephants, hyenas, zebras, tigers, camels, cattle, and other large mammals, in some cases causing death.


Marine Plastic Pollution

70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean.

13 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year.

The plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is larger than India.

Plastic kills more than one million marine creatures every year.

Thousands of sea turtles die each year, from eating plastic bags.

Thousands of camels die each year, from eating plastic bags.

Marine plastic enters our food chain in the form of micro plastics.

Our oceans contain more than 100 million tons of plastic.

By 2050, the weight of marine plastic will exceed the weight of all the fish in the ocean.

500 billion plastic bags are used annually throughout the world.

2 million plastic bags used every minute, this is insane!

The average lifespan of a plastic bag is 15 minutes, and for this, our planet is being destroyed.


Therefore plastic has become a challenging tool for habitual individuals, these users are unable to pay for use of the system because of an affordability gap. But many industries refused to see plastic as a problem and gave industries the opportunities to look for alternatives for plastic that can be affordable and environment friendly.


And with this consideration, Bioplastics International located in Arizona and Washington State is the company that offers a large assortment of bio-resins from corn, sugarcane, potatoes, sugar beets, and many other plant starches. Bioplastic resins are sustainable, renewable, and compostable. As a solutions provider, offer the largest selection of bioplastic resins in the world. No need to call a large number of companies to find the resins you need, Bioplastic is the one-stop-shop. The company specializes in the creation of custom bioplastic resins, for almost any product.


Bioplastics International decided not to sit on those plastic problems and came up with a new alternative for plastic-like PVA bags, films, fiber, and products, polyvinyl alcohol, made from refined biogas, renewable natural gas, and minerals. PVA bags are water-soluble; they will dissolve in water in minutes, to water and carbon dioxide. PVA bags contain no plastic, no toxins, and no bioplastic. Yet the product is stronger and more durable than petroleum plastic bags.


PVA bags Covers features


This product is approved for human consumption by the US FDA, and it is currently used as a food additive, in artificial tears, and for time-release pill capsules, as well as the medical industry.

PVA bags and products contain no toxins

Marine mammals, fish, and land animals can eat them, and they will safely pass through digestive systems.

This product will not accumulate in landfills; can be washed down the sink drain.

PVA bags will not contaminate the petroleum plastic recycle stream in any way.

PVA bags will dissolve in the oceans or any water within minutes, to months, and also we can control the temperature or the time to dissolve.

PVA can also be injection and extrusion molded.

PVA bags and products are a start to the solution to the plastic destruction of our oceans and planet.


PVA has surpassed the antiquated, confusing technologies of compostable, biodegradable, bio-based, and so on, which do nothing to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Water-soluble PVA is the way toward the future.

With water-soluble PVA bags and Bioplastics International’s other products, the plastic pollution of India’s oceans, beaches and rivets could promisingly stop. There is now an alternative, to the current confusing choices and greenwashing, with PVA bags the elimination of plastic pollution in our oceans can be a stepping stone. Bioplastics International’s mission is to save India’s oceans, deserts, and the planet, from plastic pollution. India is a beautiful country we can’t allow its distraction by plastic pollution.

For more details:  www.bioplasticsinternational


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