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TPE for Car Water Deflector Applications

TPE for Car Water Deflector Applications

KRAIBURG TPE offers UV/HF series and LW/UV series designed specifically for automotive applications such as water deflectors.

Keeping water and moisture out of the car is one way to increase its lifespan. Water entering the car through the doors, windows, or sunroof from flooding, rain, or snow can cause damage and jeopardize its safety.

Water deflector’s function has recently expanded beyond protection to include aesthetics, as they are used as a design element to give the vehicle a distinct look. That is why, choosing the right deflector is critical to ensuring top-tier car stability, steerability, and overall performance.

TPE is a material solution for water deflector application because it is durable, flexible, and cost effective.

KRAIBURG TPE, a global thermoplastic elastomer manufacturer with a diverse range of products and custom solutions for a variety of industries, offers high-quality, custom engineered TPE compounds that meet the most stringent automotive OEM and international regulatory standards.

KRAIBURG TPE has select TPE series compounds with excellent weather and UV resistance, as well as other properties such as adhesion to PP, PC/ABS, SAN and more, which have been developed specifically for automotive exterior applications such as water deflectors. Furthermore, its TPE compounds are customizable to meet the end needs and requirements of the customer. Here are some of the recommendations of TPE series for water deflector applications.

UV/HF series – good adhesion, weather resistance

OEMs choose the UV/HF series for TPEs for its good flow properties, good adhesion to PP, weather resistance, and surface mapping.

The series has passed Kalahari and Florida weathering tests and meets OEM requirements such as BMW GS 93042, Ford WSS-M2D517, GM GMW16233, Mercedes-Benz DBL 5562, PSA B62 0300, Renault 03-10-104, and VW 50123.

LW/UV series – lightweight

The series is a lightweight material that is resistant to UV and weathering, especially in automotive exterior which is suitable for water deflector.

Other features of the LW/UV include:

  • Adhesion to PP
  • Reduced shrinkage and warpage of parts
  • Excellent homogeneous surface – without foaming
  • Non-sticky surface

The series has passed accelerated weathering tests such as Kalahari and Florida and meets Mercedes-Benz DBL 5562 OEM requirements.

Sustainability successes of our TPE

Besides the materials for water deflector application, KRAIBURG TPE’s recent sustainability innovations include a specially developed material solution for consumer, and industry applications comprising post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) content.


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