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Perstorp increases TMP production capacity



Perstorp increases TMP production capacity

Perstorp, the world leader in the production of Trimethylolpropane (TMP), has ramped up the capacity to meet growing demand from the European market.

TMP is used to enhance the properties of numerous materials. Common applications include the use in saturated polyesters for coil coatings, polyurethanes for coatings and elastomers, acrylic acid esters for radiation curing, esters for synthetic lubricants, and for the surface treatment of pigments.


Filip Tauson, Global VP Polyols at Perstorp, commented: “The capacity expansion is fully in line with Perstorp’s ambition to further strengthen our position in the Polyols market. TMP is a key product in our Polyol portfolio, which is a core business within Perstorp.

This product line have been instrumental in the development of Perstorp as an international company and we are happy to expand our position further to be able to serve a strong demand from the market.”


The expansion development takes place in Vercelli, Italy.Perstorp’s own TMP production sites are located in China, Sweden, and the United States.

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