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The Technological Evolution for Gamma Meccanica Lines: New Design, Energy Savings and Smart Solutions for the Recycling of Plastic Materials

The Technological Evolution for Gamma Meccanica Lines: New Design, Energy Savings and Smart Solutions for the Recycling of Plastic Materials

The new technological evolution began for Italian company Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. that designs and manufactures the lines for the regeneration of plastic materials since 1987. Gamma Meccanica’s technologies for regeneration are known for their high level of automation and energy efficiency. The recent Tandem and Tandem PLUS technologies have contributed to the growing success of the company on the market. GM Tandem lines allow to recycle heavily printed (over 100%), high humidity (up to 12% of humidity) and contaminated materials. The Tandem PLUS line thanks to the combination of a single screw extruder with a twin screw extruder and a special
degassing chamber improves the characteristics during the upcycling process, so it is ideal for the production of compounds from recycled materials for special applications.



To improve the performance in terms of production, efficiency and quality of the final product, the company has studied a new design for its lines that will be presented at the next edition of K 2022. The new series has an aesthetically homogeneous design. The lines are characterized by lower energy consumption and the new compact layout that helps to save space.

The first line realized with the new design is the GM100 Compac which will be exhibited at K2022. Among the various features it is able to offer better performance thanks to a more efficient insulation designed for less heat dispersion and greater temperature control of the various areas. The production capacity of the GM100 Compac is about 500 kg / h, depending on the type of material to be recycled and processing conditions. The composition is typical of GM COMPAC series: power supply equipped with shredder and densifier with Ecotronic system for power control. The material can be loaded with a conveyor belt or reel unwinder tow; pressing screw placed between the feed and the extruder, an extruder (or two in the case of Tandem models) with one or more degassing chambers. At the end of the extruder, the cabiafilter supplied by qualified and consolidated suppliers with whom Gamma has been collaborating for years is installed. The pelletizing of the material and the cooling will be obtained with the TDA model cut designed by Gamma Meccanica not only to guarantee the highest quality of the granule, but also to make cleaning and maintenance operations of this unit quick and easy.



This line, once the fair is completed, will be installed in the new laboratory center that Gamma is setting up to test the materials supplied by customers and to verify the quality of the workmanship. Therefore, even if the incidence of challenging plastics is increasing, Gamma Meccanica is working to solve the problem of their recovery and make the principle of the circular economy effective.

Andrea Burini, vice president of Gamma Meccanica, gives some anticipation on the new lines: “Our commitment is to“ tear ”more and more plastic from the waste-to-energy plants and recover as many materials as possible thanks to the latest technological solutions we offer. In recent years, our company has collected a whole series of suggestions, information and requests to create a new generation of machines with the aim of improving performance and their application on materials that are more difficult to regenerate ". Burini states: “If all plastic waste were diverted from landfills to recycling plants and if the most advanced technologies for their recovery were applied, it would be possible to recycle an additional quantity equal to over 5 million tons / year of plastic waste with a reduction of about 7 million tons of CO2 emissions. Our experience and consolidated skills, combined with a high level of know-how, allow us to meet the demands of international markets and to propose tailor-made solutions for each customer. We have many innovations in store to unveil to the market over the next year, and we are sure that once again our commitment and our experience will be rewarded with the satisfaction of our customers all over the world ”- concludes Burini.




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