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The New Comexi Slitter Will Revolutionize the Electric Battery Sector

The New Comexi Slitter Will Revolutionize the Electric Battery Sector

The Spanish company is developing a new range of electrode slitting machines that will offer the market high productivity and superlative quality

Comexi has entered the electric battery sector with the manufacture of a new range of slitters for copper and aluminium electrodes; the slitters will offer high productivity and the best quality on the market. For this new line of work, Comexi has signed a collaboration agreement with EMEA Electro Solutions, a company based in Barcelona (Spain). From this time forth, the company will act as Comexi’s representative regarding the development of this product.

Comexi, a Girona-based specialist in reel-to-reel solutions for flexible packaging, has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of slitting. Presently, with over 60 years of manufacturing and selling slitting machines that provide solutions to customers, the company has decided to apply its expertise to a entirely different sector of electric batteries.

“Comexi’s positioning for this new sector will maintain our principles born in that of the flexible packaging. We are seeking to differentiate ourselves from current manufacturers of electrode slitting machines by offering more efficient solutions that are capable of integrating the latest quality assurance systems”, explains Raúl El-Fakdi, the director of Comexi’s slitting business unit. This new slitting machine will be available in 2023 and can be viewed at the CTec Demo Center. In addition to solutions for electrode cutting, Comexi currently has a range of slitting machines capable of working with battery separator films as well.

This step forward for Comexi will represent a significant benefit to both existing flexible packaging and battery customers. “From the slitting business unit perspective, we believe in the potential of the electromobility sector and the overall future of our company with electric batteries. With regard to this decision, we have expanded our application knowledge while simultaneously becoming a new supplier that offers a quality product with high productivity”, as stated by Raúl El-Fakdi, who emphasizes that “we have decided to work together with EMEA Electro Solutions due to their extensive experience in this sector”.


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