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Teknor Apex replaces standard PA66 GF (Glass Filled) materials with PP GF resulting in several processing advantages for an AdBlue Tank Cover

Teknor Apex replaces standard PA66 GF (Glass Filled) materials with PP GF resulting in several processing advantages for an AdBlue Tank Cover

Replacement reaped economical and visual benefits from the new compound

Teknor Apex, known for its customer centric approach, has become the global market leader in compound manufacturing through the efforts of its 2,300 employees at 16 locations worldwide. In the city of Rothenburg ob de Tauber – Bavaria / Germany, Teknor Apex is represented by around 140 employees in a wide range of areas. In mid- 2020, the new plant in Rothenburg was completed, providing space for further growth.

“Teknor Apex Germany is one of the most important European manufacturers of engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic-elastomers for high performance applications, the range of our
products is articulated in a huge range of formulations, ready-to-use or tailor-made on request, and are exported worldwide for the electrical and electronics, industrial, and automotive and transportation sectors,” said Mr. Joseph Leforestier, Account Manager – Export.

Thanks to its innovative spirit and the know-how of its chemists, Teknor Apex Germany has developed a family of glass-filled engineering polypropylene with E-modules that reach 11,000 MPa
and a HDT that reaches 160°C. The purpose of this development was to replace glass filled PA66 and PA6 with modified glass filled PP, in an effort to offer customers alternative solutions that have similar properties to but are more economical than glass filled PA.

Some advantages of the Teknor Apex engineering glass filled PP are:

  • Easy to process material even through existing molds
  •  Similar shrinkage to PA
  • A more environmentally conscious process as there is no need to pre-dry the material and
    the melting temperature, processing temperature, and mold temperature are all lower than
    those of PA
  •  Very good dimensional stability (no water or moisture absorption)
  •  Temperature resistance (130°C/3000h) and UV stabilized.
  • Superior surface aesthetics
  •  Laser marking ability
  • and more …

To date, the Teknor Apex modified PP has replaced several glass filled PA66 and PA6 applications
on existing molds. Here is one example of these PA application replacements:
• Former material: PA66 GF30
• Current material: Teknor Apex PP GF45
• Application: AdBlue Tank Cover for Mercedes

AdBlue, or diesel exhaust fluid, might be still unfamiliar to some motorists but owners of modern diesel cars with engines that are Euro 6 compliant will be familiar. AdBlue is a liquid used to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions of diesel engines and is made up of a mixture of urea and deionized water that is sprayed into the exhaust system. Its widespread introduction coincided with the
current Euro 6 emissions standards, which are part of ever more stringent emissions targets that car manufacturers are now required to meet. Without AdBlue, it would be much more difficult to lower the emissions of diesel cars and get them to comply with the latest standards


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