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Teknor Apex Introduces New Crealen – an Innovative Glass Filled Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (HFFR PP)

Teknor Apex Introduces New Crealen – an Innovative Glass Filled Halogen Free Flame Retardant Polypropylene (HFFR PP)

Crealen solutions utilize halogen free flame-retardant technology to deliver UL94V0 performance at 1.5mm and pass UL5VA at 3.0mm

Teknor Apex is committed to developing a range of engineered material solutions that help customers meet important industry requirements including flammability in highly regulated markets. As markets such as Electrical and Electronics, Automotive, Appliances, and Energy storage demand higher voltages and smaller, lighter components, materials that balance safety and performance become increasingly important.

Introducing Crealen HFFR PP; a glass-filled, halogen-free flame-retardant polypropylene product series designed to meet these challenges. It offers excellent flammability ratings and superior glow wire ignition performance while maintaining its mechanical properties even after exposure to moisture and acid. Utilizing an innovative halogen free flame-retardant technology, these grades deliver UL94V0 performance at 1.5mm and achieve UL5VA at 3.0mm, while maintaining excellent mechanicals properties. This unique balance of properties makes them well suited for a wide range of demanding applications, including thin-wall housings, connectors, brackets, shields, etc. in eMobility, power tools, outdoor power equipment appliances, and electronics.

In contrast to more commonly used glass filled flame retardant grades based on polyamides (such as PA 6) or polyesters (such as PBT), Crealen HFFR PP products offer a wide range of benefits, such as inherent resistance to moisture absorption, excellent adhesion to TPEs and TPVs in 2-K molding, and significantly lower density. Due to these unique performance characteristics, they are an excellent choice for applications with that require resistance to acid exposure or for use in high humidity environment.

“Specialty Crealen HFFR PP compounds offer enhanced performance and unique characteristics, that enable electrical system engineers to successfully replace typical engineering plastics, by unlocking design potential and enabling systems cost savings. We plan to expand this product series with further innovation and launch products suitable for extrusion processing for manufacturing of wire & cable products, conduits, tubing, and sheet applications.” Pratik Shah, Vice President Engineering Plastics BU.


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