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Teknor Apex Brings a Portfolio of Products for Emerging Applications to Wire India

Teknor Apex Brings a Portfolio of Products for Emerging Applications to Wire India

New Fire Guard PVC Compounds from Teknor Apex are Cost-Effective, Performance Alternatives to Fluoropolymers. Formulated for a variety of cable types from copper data cable jackets to fiber optic cables to specialty and security cables, these compounds provide low smoke generation and low flame propagation performance and have enabled cables to meet and exceed all applicable performance testing requirements of UL Subjects 13, 1424 and 444 including those of NFPA 262 for Flame Travel and Smoke. They’re also the preferred choice of electricians as cables made with these lower-flexural modulus compounds resist kinks and knuckling making them easier to install, especially in tight plenum spaces.

Flexalloy PVC Elastomers from Teknor Apex are Abrasion-, Chemical- and Oil Resistant Thermoplastic Compounds with Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility. With a brittle point as low as <-60 °C and a high temperature rating of 105 °C, Flexalloy elastomers are UL-Recognized components for outdoor and wet location applications. These compounds, which have excellent low temperature flexibility, are resistant to sunlight, abrasion, oils and chemicals and have a high degree of flame retardance making them ideally suited for wire and cable applications that are highly subjected to the elements such as those in electric vehicle charging cables, industrial automation and power cables.

Halguard LS HFFR Wire and Cable Compounds from Teknor Apex Offer an Excellent Balance of Properties for Wire & Cable Applications. These highly flame-retardant compounds enable compliance with a broad range of international flame tests and are optimized for mechanical performance, flexibility, and ease of extrusion on standard PVC equipment. They are particularly well suited for applications in appliance wire, electronic cables, fiber optic cables and transit cables.

Apex Flexible PVC Compounds, Specifically Designed for Extrusion and Injection Molding, Address a Wide Range of Application Requirements. First developed for building wire, these compounds have been used in the wire & cable industry for over six decades. UL-Recognized and available in a variety of hardnesses and properties, these workhorse compounds are used in a wide variety of wire and cable compounds.

At Wire India 2022, Teknor Apex Company will feature a full range of all of these compound solutions. To learn more visit:


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