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Steer Opens Application Development Centre in Shanghai

Steer Opens Application Development Centre in Shanghai

Bengaluru – Driven by technology Steer Engineering continue to expands its footprints globally. Bengaluru headquartered firm has recently opened Application Development Centre (ADC) in China, while upgraded the existing ADCs in two more key markets.

“We have opened a new ADC in Shanghai in the end of June and upgraded process technology at centres in Tokyo (Japan) & Ohio (US) recently. Japanese centre upgraded about six months ago and US centre recently in the month of August,” informed Nitin Gupta, Group CEO, Steer Engineering Pvt Ltd, who joined the company about four months back. Shanghai centre functions with a strength of 7 people, with combination of scientists and technicians. Now Steer operates four ADCs with three based overseas market and one in the domestic market.

On strategy of opening the ADC in China, Gupta added, “China offers huge growth potential in the areas of biodegradable and recycling applications. Now all ADCs are upgraded to demonstrate Steer’s patented Fractional Geometry (FGT) and Fractional Lobe Process (FLP).” The ADCs demonstrates Steer technology to its growing clientele in the key markets.

While its Omega series extruder 30H is now available in the US market. Omega 30H incorporates patented Fractional Geometry (FGT) and Fractional Lobe Processor (FLP), delivers high performance with top-quality output. “Steer is now ready to serve its partners in US region for critical and important projects.”

Steer engineering specialises in solutions for transforming and functionalising materials in the field of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining, has been focusing on areas such as biomass-related solutions and plastic recycling in the current year.

The company has recently announced that its patented technology is now being deployed for the development of biomass resin. This initiative will bring forward several biomass-related solutions as an environment-friendly alternative to oil-based plastics for applications in various industries, including the growing consumer market worldwide.

Its extruder range help accelerate development and commercialization of compound materials of inedible rice with polyolefin resins. Using these compound materials, products such as trash bags, shopping bags, cutlery (plastic utensils), and toys, can be manufactured for end customers. Steer recently supplied 3 units of Omega 60 class extruders to Biomass Resin Holdings Co. Ltd (Japan).

“In the long term, these products significantly reduce plastic waste through environment-friendly polymer.”

Plastic recycling is another area where Steer opens up new opportunities. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) solid waste disposal has serious environmentalconcerns and also takes more space. It is non-biodegradable and causes serious land filling issues. “In-depth study of PET has enabled Steer to develop innovative recycling technology for thermoplastic on twin screw co-rotating extrusion.”

Currently, Steer is working on building a compact recycling platform ‘Saferecycler’ infinity BK1.20, which would likely to hit the market in next quarter. Saferecycler is an entire recycling plant compressed into a single piece of equipment, equal to the size of a refrigerator.

Saferecycler can process all types and combination of thin walled/multi-walled plastics materials (films/fabrics/laminates) that PPEs and other packaging material waste at the source like the healthcare facilities or communities.

On what Steer showcase at the forthcoming K Show, Gupta confided, “We are showcasing all-new electrical & automation system Titan 32 range along with lab-size extruder at the K Show.”


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