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SML’s Presents Its PowerCast XL Stretch Film Line With a Patented, Brand-New Triple Turret Winder on K 2022

SML’s Presents Its PowerCast XL Stretch Film Line With a Patented, Brand-New Triple Turret Winder on K 2022

SML comes with a world debut in stretch film manufacturing to K2022: A patented triple turret winder for the PowerCast XL stretch film line. The W4000-4S-3T is the first winder in the market for manufacturing 2” stretch film hand rolls on a 4.5 m wide line. SML’s new “three-turrets-in-one-frame” concept enables significantlyhigher production speeds for maximum output quantities – especially at the lighter 2” rolls.

“The PowerCast XL with the new turret winder W4000-4S-3T has yet to meet its match. The possibility to manufacture also 2” rolls on that 4.5 m wide increases the product diversity and productivity of our PowerCast stretch film line significantly,” says SML Product Manager Thomas Rauscher. Until now, it was only possible to
run 2” hand rolls on lines up to 3 m width, thus the new development boosts the output of hand rolls by about 50 %. As before, 3” hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls an also be manufactured, with ease, with this new solution.

Brand-new and patented winding technology

“The trigger to develop a new winding system for 2” hand rolls for our 4.5 m wide PowerCast XL line came right from our customers. As a starting-point for our development works we took the proven double turret winder W4000-4S”, Thomas Rauscher explains. The technical basis of the new winder W4000-4S-3T is the patented
‘three turrets-in-one-frame concept’. Compared to other winders for wider lines, the three winding shafts with 1.5 m each are relatively short. This guarantees very stable production processes and allows significantly higher production speeds, especially at hand rolls.

Resource-saving winding technology

The new turret winder W4000-4S-3T can be equipped with a range of cutting-edge winding technologies for stretch film production:

Thin Core Technology: This well-proven concept allows to run thinner and therefore lighter paper cores on specific winding shafts. A reduction of the core weight of approx. 50 % minimises the raw-material consumption in the core production – and with it the CO2 emissions in the same way.

Coreless Winding: Even better than winding on thinner paper cores, is to use no cores at all. SML’s Coreless Technology was developed for the coreless production of hand and machine rolls. Beside considerable sustainability effects, this winding method has also a significant impact on production costs.

Modified Edges: ME is a patented SML technology to reinforce the edges of stretch film, making them nearly indestructible. The whole process is very efficient as it completely takes place in-line. Higher residual stretchability and puncture resistance are the key-characteristics of stretch film with modified edges.

Designed for SML PowerCast XL

The 4.5 m wide PowerCast XL in combination with the winder W4000-4S-3T is the latest step forward in SML’s PowerCast series, successfully uniting maximum output volumes of up to 3.400 kg/h net with highest flexibility in production. Like all stretch film lines from SML, the PowerCast XL is able to process up to 80 percent post-consumer recyclate, i.e. from LLDPE/LPDE.

Observing machine values at K 2022

Moreover, the machine features BitWise, SML’s in-house developed user-friendly data monitoring and analysing solution, that is open to the OPC-UA standard. Visitors who have downloaded the Umati web app and scanned the QR code displayed on the machine, have the opportunity to observe some real-time production values of
the PowerCast XL.


Technical features of PowerCast XL + W4000-4S3T:

  • Output up to 3,400 kg/h net
  • Compact design – 240 m² floor space
  • Ø 1,600 mm chill roll – the biggest in this sector
  • 7 or 67 layers
  • Ready to manufacture PIR and PCR
  • Maximum flexibility: 2” hand rolls 3” hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls
  • ThinCore technology
  • Coreless technology
  • Modified Edges



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