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SABIC to Showcase Its Broad Expertise in Electrical & Electronics Solutions at K 2022

SABIC to Showcase Its Broad Expertise in Electrical & Electronics Solutions at K 2022

  • Exhibit of innovative E&E solutions focusing on energy storage & distribution, EV charging infrastructure, lighting and telecommunications
  • Successful value chain collaborations help accelerate the journey towards circularity without compromising performance

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is addressing the challenges of the electrical and electronics (E&E) industry with an extensive display of advanced material and technology solutions at K 2022, demonstrating the feasibility of combining exceptional sustainability with outstanding durability and aesthetical properties.

The company’s engineering thermoplastic (ETP) and polyolefin solutions can be used along the entire energy value chain. From solar voltaics to electrification, SABIC offers its customers one of the broadest portfolios of advanced materials in the industry.

Due to the ever-increasing need for energy in the world today, it is crucial that we effectively and efficiently manage this valuable resource. In the years to come, solar and wind energy will increasingly have to be converted and transported through the energy grid. Components in this chain for energy storage and distribution, such as smart meters, connectors and energy storage systems, are produced using thermoplastics that offer the required mechanical and electrical properties, such as thin wall and flame retardancy.

The expected growth in Electrical Vehicles (EVs) will need an increased EV infrastructure with domestic and public chargers. Today, many public chargers are made of metal. As production increases, low temperature impact ETP solutions will play an important role in their design and performance.

For the lighting industry, SABIC provides a wide range of high-performance materials for light-emitting diodes (LED) that can help customers address today’s top challenges: enhancing design and aesthetics, longer useful life, greater sustainability and improved cost-effectiveness vs. metals.

And finally, the ever-increasing demand for telecommunications – with 5G, optical network terminals and wifi routers – requires a broad range of materials with tailored properties for this industry.

The following is a selection of SABIC’s E&E solution highlights at K 2022:


SABIC to showcase its broad expertise in electrical & electronics solutions at K 2022.


Energy storage and distribution
Increased renewable energy development requires long-term energy storage capacity. As part of the energy transition journey, solutions must enable the reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions and limit climate change.

  • Everflow Vanadium redox flow batteries: Developed in collaboration by SABIC and Advanced Energy Storage Systems Investment Company, the Saudi JV between Schmid Group & Nusaned Investment, using SABIC HDPE and SABIC LLDPE materials in battery stacks and electrolyte tanks, respectively. Read more.
  • Stationary energy storage module: SABIC’s ETP and PP offering includes a number of mechanically resilient, flame retardant (FR) materials that can enable a second life for used battery cells, repurposing them for domestic use energy storage and helping build a circular economy. Read more.
  • High voltage electro-voltaic connector: Part of SABIC’s broad portfolio of ETP materials, Valox (PBT) resin combines high-voltage properties with customized colorability, including signal orange, which is an essential requirement in this industry segment. Read more.
  • Sagemcom T211 multi-energy electricity smart meter: Smart electrical meters are a critical component as they provide real-time feedback to the grid. LexanFR resin, part of SABIC’s wide range of ETPs for electrical enclosures, terminal blocks and part fittings, is used in the meter housing on this application, combining essential mechanical, heat and FR properties. Read more.

EV charging infrastructure
With the global push for electrification there is an increasing global demand for dedicated, reliable charging infrastructure to help promote consumer adoption of EVs.


SABIC to showcase its broad expertise in electrical & electronics solutions at K 2022.


Outdoor EV charger post: SABIC’s innovative plastic solutions can typically enable design and cost optimization advantages vs. metals. Flame retardant materials, with good aesthetics for housing parts and strong mechanical properties for inner and structural parts, can help manufacturers create safe and long-lasting equipment to support the expansion of EV charging infrastructure. SABIC PP and ETP solutions are used for the exterior housing, frame and internal parts. Read more.
Hensel Enycharge E-mobility charging system: Hensel’s e-mobility charger housing must be weather-proof (UV resistant) and robust for outdoor use (with high degree of integrated protection, in this case – IP 65) and comply with industry certifications (flame-retardant, self-extinguishing). LexanPC FR resin, part of SABIC’s broad ETP portfolio, is used in the housing of the wall box. It enables design optimization and shows good ductility and flammability performance. Read more.
Mennekes Mode 2 type EV charging cable: Valox FR resin is used as a material component in the EV charging cable. SABIC’s ETP solutions – such as Valox FR resin – can provide excellent impact performance, weatherability and chemical resistance, helping EV manufacturers create safe and long-lasting supply equipment to support the expansion of EV infrastructure. Read More.

LEDs require material solutions that provide uniform and energy-efficient light distribution, supporting the benefits of these light sources.

Elkamet/Regiolux smile mirror luminaire: Part of SABIC’s broad ETP portfolio, certified renewable LexanPC resin enables the design of an all-plastic consumer luminaire. As part of SABIC’s Trucircle portfolio of circular solutions, the material enables up to 73% CO2 footprint reduction for each kg of PC based on certified renewable feedstock. Read more.
Signify Hue Iris Luminaire: Part of our ETP portfolio, our tailored LexanLux resin is used for the translucent parts of the luminaire. The material can enable production of a full-plastic solution, consumer luminaire. See video, read more.

Wifi routers are used in every home and office. SABIC’s material solutions provide the right property balance for customers to innovate their devices.

Sagemcom F@st 5370 wifi router: Part of SABIC’s broad portfolio of ETP materials, Cycolac resin is used in the router housing and can meet important requirements, such as good impact strength, processability and colorability. Read more.

Visit SABIC during K 2022 from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, in Hall 6, Booth D42 to learn more about these and other advanced material solutions. The company’s experts will be available at the booth to discuss how SABIC’s materials portfolio and design services for Electrical & Electronics can help you accelerate your journey towards sustainable products and reduce your climate impact. K website for E&E solutions.


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