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Röhm Digitalizes Processes with Shiftconnector® from eschbach

Röhm Digitalizes Processes with Shiftconnector® from eschbach

With the help of Shiftconnector®, a software solution from the global software provider eschbach, chemical company Röhm has digitalized its processes and, in so doing, achieved lasting improvements in the areas of safety, quality and productivity.

Röhm GmbH, a company steeped in tradition, is a globally leading provider of methacrylate products, including the world-famous PLEXIGLAS® brand. With 15 production sites on four continents, Röhm supplies future markets such as automotive, the electronics industry, and medical devices – and recently started using Shiftconnector® to support its business.

Digitally supported shift handover for greater safety and productivity
Shiftconnector is a software solution for Plant Process Management (PPM) and was developed specifically for the chemical industry. It connects production plant personnel working in a 24/7 shift system with one another, and ensures smooth communication, as well as transparency and traceability, especially during the critical shift handovers. Dr. Hans-Peter Hauck, COO of Röhm GmbH, says: “Since the spin-off from the Evonik Group in 2019, we have driven forward digitalization in our company.” For the digitalization projects within production, the individual plant teams were interviewed in order to determine the actual needs. In addition, a market analysis was carried out with the help of a consultant, and eschbach’s Shiftconnector was implemented at Röhm worldwide.

The PPM software from eschbach offers companies a central platform that brings together all the information related to production and processes. With interfaces both to the plants and the production workers, Shiftconnector merges process data, and information statuses and know-how from workers centrally, so that all levels – from top management to plant and shift management, and the plant operator – have relevant information at all times.

Decentralized implementation successfully completed worldwide
Shiftconnector’s implementation at Röhm was not managed centrally from its headquarters but instead looked after by local project management, which proved to be an especially efficient approach. In addition, it was possible to carry out the entire rollout online, which contributed to the rapid and lasting success. Where individual production workers used to have a pen, paper and camera with them on their rounds, all it takes now is a few clicks on a tablet to transfer, for example, entries from the shift rounds into the PPM system.

Feedback from the end users is overwhelmingly positive: “Shiftconnector is also very helpful in analyzing anomalies and problems in ongoing production,” says plant manager Dr. Sibylle Strandt. “The ordered merging of the process data from the plant with the data from the workers makes root cause analysis and troubleshooting a whole lot easier.” And Hauck adds: “Shiftconnector has helped significantly to improve the quality, safety, and productivity of our processes.”


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