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Parquet reinvented with new Ultimtec technology

  • Parquet with a revolutionary varnish
  • A collection dedicated to decision-makers and professionalsĀ

BerryAlloc is launching a completely new oak parquet collection. It is an eloquent illustration of the two principles that define its brand: very high quality coupled with state- of-the-art technology. This vision is acclaimed every day by clients, interior designers and fitters.

The collection has been entirely rethought, as the fruit of two years of research by the R&D department and various partners (colours and finishes co-created by a team of architects, colourists and designers). As such, it is a remarkable demonstration of this French manufacturerā€™s savoir faire.

Thanks to its exclusive UltimtecĀ technology, BerryAllocā€™s new collection succeeds in bringing together:

  • The delicate natural beauty of oiled parquet.
  • The ease of maintenance of a varnished parquet that is easy to clean, robust and long-lasting.

UltimtecĀ varnish respects the wood and contains no solvents or chemical reagents. It is obtained by impregnating the wood with a primer with a basis rich in aluminium oxide, then applying a UV acrylic finish. Besides the elegant decorative result that preserves the depth and nuance of every tint in the wood, it offers:

  • An exceptional matt finish that meets the high requirements of homeowners and decorators. The matt surface obtained with the innovative UltimtecĀ finish comes very close to that of natural wood;
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and tear and scratching. In terms of abrasion resistance, Ultimtecā€™s performance is higher than 15,000 Taber CS10 cycles: in other words, it is far higher than the demands of the NF standard, which requires a minimum of 12,000 cycles;
  • Simplified maintenance and cleaning. It is no longer necessary to oil the parquet to preserve its original beauty.

A new approach based on colour and design

The consumerā€™s natural reflex is to choose their parquet by colour, then texture. BerryAlloc bore this intuitive process in mind when compiling its new collection of parquets divided into two ranges: Les Essentiels, offering solid value in floor decoration, and Les Exclusifs, with a selection of deep colours and distinctive characters.

The colours of the 19 options have been completely redesigned and adapted to the different markets.

Les Essentiels is a palette of 10 colours offering solid value. Their names evoke the beauty of materials found in nature.

Les Exclusifs are a premium range that includes 10 meticulously designed colours with an enhanced sense of depth. Their names evoke wide, open landscapes.

Opt for sustainable and responsible development

Deciding on a BerryAlloc oak parquet is a responsible choice. The biggest French parquet manufacturer has always prioritised sustainable development by using naturally sourced materials and renewable resources.

BerryAllocā€™s parquets have a positive carbon footprint, which means their environmental impact is low. What is more, they have PEFC, Parquets de France and A+ certification.

Technical specifications

  • High-performance innovative varnish Ultimtec
  • High-tech parquet structure
  • 3 layers assembled at high pressure and a low temperature
  • 5 or 3.3 mm fine wood veneer
  • Body in high-density fibreboard (HDF)
  • Resin stabiliser
  • Advantages of HDF structure: density of 875kg/mĀ³, shock resistant, less echo and increased efficiency when used with underfloor heating.




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