Sunday, December 17, 2023


myWFL Cockpit is an operational data acquisition system that displays the machine state (e.g. productive, available or malfunction), performance (productivity and availability), modes of operation and override settings over time. Operating hours, channel status, active NC program, active tool and program runtime are also displayed. The evaluation and display of machine productivity (OEE) and technical availability in a definable observation period can be easily carried out with the new solution. Data is collected and stored locally on the control system (not cloud solution) and can be viewed on the control system display. However, the dashboards are also offered via a web interface via the internal customer network and can therefore also be viewed on the workstation PC or on mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones) via a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.). The software automatically adapts to the different window formats and resolutions. In combination with our proprietary iControl process monitoring system, the progression over time and current values of the ambient temperature and the temperature in the milling spindle housing are also recorded and displayed in myWFL Cockpit.
Another new feature is the myWFL Energy energy usage measurement device integrated in the myWFL Cockpit, which displays the current power and energy consumption data as well as the energy consumption of each workpiece. Electrical characteristic values such as voltage, amperage, apparent, active and reactive power, power factor, frequency, min/max values, active and reactive energy are displayed. The energy consumption and switch-on times of various units such as the high-pressure coolant pump per workpiece or per NC program run are also recorded and displayed in myWFL Cockpit.
Another highlight of myWFL is the integrated Condition Monitoring cycle. When the cycle is running, the friction values of the axes and spindles, as well as the temperature in the milling spindle housing and the vibration or the rolling bearing condition value of the front milling spindle bearing are continuously recorded and stored on the control system. Using Condition Monitoring Viewer, it is possible to select the data of the various Condition Monitoring runs on the control system, graphically overlay them and analyse them over time. This allows for the early detection of possible malfunctions and minimises unplanned downtimes.
With myWFL, you get a 24/7 overview and can exploit the optimisation potential of the Smart Factory. Not only does the new software offer a transparent user interface, but it also improves machine utilisation. All data from the production environment is collected and analysed with the aim of increasing productivity. As a result, shorter production times go hand-in-hand with more effective organisation of smart factory processes.

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