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OORJAA Secures INR 5.35 Crore in Pre-Series A Round 2 Led by Inflection Point Ventures

OORJAA Secures INR 5.35 Crore in Pre-Series A Round 2 Led by Inflection Point Ventures

● Funds will be utilized for scaling the PiE KART platform, technology development, and expanding the team.
● OORJAA is a cutting-edge logistics technology company specializing in sustainable last-mile and mid-mile delivery solutions.
●Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) has so far invested over INR 600 Cr across 190+ deals.

Gurugram, October 12th, 2023 – OORJAA, a leading logistics solutions company, has successfully raised INR 5.35 Crore in its Pre-Series A Round 2 from Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), Vinners Platform, Soonicorn Ventures and HEM Angels. The funds will be dedicated to scaling the PiE KART platform, advancing technology,and expanding the team.
OORJAA focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency, visibility, and sustainability in last-mile and mid-mile deliveries. Their recently launched app-based product, PiE KART, offers affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly intra-city delivery solutions. It accomplishes this by employing shared trucks for same-day delivery, catering specifically to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder of Inflection Point Ventures, emphasized the significance of reshaping the logistics landscape. He stated, “The logistics industry plays a pivotal role in virtually every business. However, it remains largely unorganized due to its multifaceted and uncontrolled factors. OORJAA has embarked on a transformative journey to address these challenges, providing end-to-end automation solutions for diverse delivery requirements.”

Sandeep Patil, CEO & Co-founder of OORJAA, highlighted the company’s impressive 5.0x growth since Round 1, led by IPV. “With this Round 2 funding and the recent launch of PiE KART, we are entering the next phase of our expansion. Our commitment is to revolutionize last-mile and mid-mile logistics through advanced technology. Our investors, led by IPV, have been instrumental in our journey towards greater heights,”he said.
OORJAA operates in more than 40 cities across India, managing a monthly delivery volume of 22 million tonnes. In recognition of their significant contributions to the logistics industry, OORJAA was named one of the Top 10 Logistics Startups in 2021 by Industry Outlook.
With proprietary technology tools designed to optimize operations and PiE KART, a pioneering shared cargo delivery platform, OORJAA is a key player in the industry, driving innovation and efficiency in their service offerings.
The Indian intra-city logistics market, estimated at USD 4 billion, exhibits a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% year-over-year. This indicates substantial growth potential and opportunities in the Indian logistics industry.
OORJAA is on a mission to reshape the logistics landscape, empowered by experienced industry experts and strategic advisors. The company is committed to helping businesses thrive in today’s rapidly evolving market.

OORJAA is a dynamic and innovative logistics technology company that is transforming the way businesses manage their last-mile and mid-mile deliveries. With a strong emphasis on technology, efficiency, and sustainability, OORJAA offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize logistics operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences. Our flagship product, PiE KART, is a revolutionary shared mobility platform that redefines intra-city deliveries, providing businesses with affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Backed by a team of industry experts and strategic advisors, OORJAA is on a mission to reshape the logistics landscape and empower businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving market.

About Inflection Point Ventures & Physis Capital:
Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) is an angel investing platform with over 8600 CXOs, HNIs, and Professionals to together invest in startups. The firm supports new-age entrepreneurs by providing them with monetary & experiential capital and connecting them with a diverse group of investors. IPV has announced the launch of a $50 million CAT 2 AIF Physis Capital to invest in pre-Series A to Series B growth-stage start-ups.

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