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New Kraussmaffei Corporate Headquarters in Parsdorf: Project Developer VGP Hands Over Key

New Kraussmaffei Corporate Headquarters in Parsdorf: Project Developer VGP Hands Over Key

  • New plant and Group headquarters represent culmination of modernization strategy
  • A total of three-digit millions invested in four new sites
  • Focus on sustainability and efficiency: one of Europe’s largest photovoltaic plants goes into operation
  • One of the largest relocation projects in the Munich metropolitan area since the airport was moved from Riem to Erding

As planned, on this day the Group took delivery of the keys to its new plant and corporate headquarters in Parsdorf from the project developer VGP. Not only does this mark the start of one of the largest relocation projects in the greater Munich area since the airport was moved from Riem to Erding in 1992, but the commissioning is above all the final and decisive building block in the modernization of the almost 185-year-old traditional group. Since 2018, the company has invested a three-digit million euro sum in four new sites in Germany and China.

After more than 80 years, the traditional Munich-based company is leaving its site in Allach and moving to its new headquarters in Parsdorf in the Ebersberg district just outside Munich. Covering over 200,000 square meters, the new site brings together the corporate headquarters, injection molding and reaction process machinery, additive manufacturing, mechanical production and automation, which was previously based in Schwaig. Like the other three new sites, Parsdorf also relies on the Smart Factory concept with modern and sustainable building technology. There are also plans to have the new plant certified in accordance with the DGNB system (German Sustainable Building Council).

CFO and Labor Director of KraussMaffei, Jörg Bremer, classifies the significance of the new location strategy as follows: “Our move to Parsdorf marks the beginning of a new era for KraussMaffei. We are forming a modern, innovative company that accepts the challenges of the 21st century and masters them with flying colors. With the new locations, we are laying the foundation for further successful years.” The move is expected to be completed by mid-2023. The new buildings in Parsdorf are at the heart of the Munich-based company’s new location and modernization strategy. This includes the relocation of four plants to modern, larger production facilities. Already in operation are the new plants in JiaXing (near Shanghai) and in Einbeck near Göttingen. The relocation of the KraussMaffei Extrusion plant from Hanover to Laatzen has also been successfully completed.

Jan Van Geet, CEO of the VGP Group, emphasizes: “We are supporting KraussMaffei in implementing its vision for a ‘new KraussMaffei’, while at the same time realizing our vision of ‘building better for a sustainable future’ with our technical expertise. The project in Parsdorf, along with Einbeck and Laatzen, is the third major joint project in which KraussMaffei relies on the expertise of VGP. It makes us proud to be part of the largest investment and renewal program in the history of this traditional company.”

The Mayor of Parsdorf and Vaterstetten, Leonhard Spitzauer, emphasizes, “I am very pleased to see a modern company like KraussMaffei now finding its new home in our community. This speaks for the attractiveness of our community for innovative companies and increases our economic strength.”

Huge rooftop photovoltaic plant produces up to 12.5 megawatts

In Parsdorf, three production halls, a main administration building, four office and social buildings, two parking garages, a canteen, a cafeteria and a 15,000-square-meter Customer Experience Center are now going into operation step by step. In line with the company’s strategy, the new site is designed for efficiency and sustainability. One of the largest rooftop photovoltaic systems in Europe with a maximum output of 12.5 megawatts is being built on the buildings. A large biotope is also being created next to the KraussMaffei site. It balances out the sealed area. Green strips and areas further break up the plant site. The two multi-story parking garages will also be landscaped. In addition, 140 electric charging stations for e-cars are planned in the first stage, later there will be up to 240.

In addition, an energy-efficient heating system will be installed in the halls. In addition, there will be an active ventilation system and efficient insulation. For good air quality, the production machines will be better encapsulated and equipped with an extraction system. In the offices, temperatures are regulated according to the season by modern heating and cooling sails.

The entire infrastructure is designed to enable modern and efficient operations for all areas. Short distances between the production areas simplify logistics and thus reduce throughput times in production. In the office buildings, too, the departments are ideally arranged in relation to one another in accordance with the workflows. A modern, open office concept enables better communication between the areas.

Performance show in large Customer Experience Center

One highlight at the new location is the new Customer Experience Center, which covers around 15,000 square meters. Here, visitors are first welcomed in a center set up especially for them. A product and technology avenue, an event area and a flexible auditorium await them there. The area is complemented by a meeting center and a lounge area. From the Visitor Center, visitors can access the various areas, including a TechCenter and training area for reaction process machinery, a technical center and acceptance center for injection molding technology, and a training center for the Digital Services and Solutions Division (DSS). The future of the company is being shaped in a large research and development area.



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