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Moog Extends Its Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems Family With The Compact Version

Moog Extends Its Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems Family With The Compact Version

Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc., (Nyse: Mog.A And Mog.B), is adding a new system to the Electrohydrostatic Actuation System (Eas) product family for industrial machinery The latest model is the Compact Eas, intended for applications requiring high dynamics and power density, which use programmable cycles and demand high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Testing machines for automobile components are one target application. In metalworking, examples include metal pressing, cutting, forming, and bending. Operations involving pressing, punching and cutting other materials, including glass, ceramics, plastics, and leather, will also benefit from its high level of performance.


Compact EAS units comprise six elements: a servo motor, internal gear pump, compensation tank, valve block, stop valve, and cylinder. Unlike conventional hydraulic systems, everything on the Compact EAS is integrated; there are no pipes or hoses. Pump output and direction of rotation are controlled by the servo motor, eliminating the need for directional or proportional valves, resulting in a defined linear movement of the cylinder. Forces, speed and position on this linear actuation axis are all freely programmable.


The high force capability and force density of all Moog Eas actuation systems provides an attractive alternative to electrohydraulic (Eh) or electromechanical (Em) systems. They are quieter, they use much less oil and less energy, and they have fewer components to maintain.

“The Compact EAS provides users with numerous benefits,” says Harald Branz, Sales Manager Central and Eastern Europe. “The system is highly dynamic, energy-efficient, and requires minimal maintenance. The Compact Eas is easy to configure and integrate into machine systems, providing, significant cost advantages over alternative types of actuation systems.”


There are three versions of the new Compact Eas in its standard format:


Linear, in which the cylinder is on the same axis as the motor;

Parallel, in which the cylinder is underneath the valve block and moves in the opposite direction;

Orthogonal, where the cylinder is mounted vertically underneath the valve block.


There is also a “split” design, in which the cylinder forms its own unit separate from the motor and pump group, without losing any of the advantages of the basic concept.


In its standard configuration, the Compact Eas can produce a movement in the cylinder of up to 640 mm/s with a force of up to 500 kN. Customised versions can offer considerably more speed and force. Customers can choose stroke lengths ranging from 50 to 400 mm. Position accuracy is accurate to within 0,01 mm, while position repeatability is down to 0.01 mm.


Depending on the required performances, installation interfaces, and work environment, Moog supports the customer in selecting the most appropriate Electrohydrostatic Actuation System (Eas) solution: Customized, Modular or Compact.


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