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Man Lion’s City E is International Bus of the Year 2023

Man Lion’s City E is International Bus of the Year 2023

In May, the Bus Euro Test took place in the Irish city of Limerick, where the members of the international jury for electing the bus of the year, consisting of 23 journalists from all over Europe, tested the candidates for this prestigious title.

This year it was the turn of city buses, and the criteria required that they are electrically driven. Five candidates –electric city buses – took part in the test: Higer Azure, Karsan eATA, Man Lion’s City E, Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and Volvo BZL Electric with body from MCV. After several days of intensive checks, test drives, measurements, and expert discussion, the jury voted for the winner – the international bus of the year 2023 is the Man Lion’s City E.

Man Lion’s City E
The Bavarian city bus is still among the newer ones on the market, which is evident both in its modern exterior and in the passenger compartment, which is considered one of the best. The Germans have managed to combine very well all the forms of drive that they offer, without the external appearance suffering because of this – the bus is visually refined in every version. Even when we look at the driver’s workplace, it deserves an excellent rating, the materials used are of good quality, the driver can adjust the steering wheel well along with the adjustable dashboard, and the gauges are also very clear and large.
Man is equipped with six battery packs, all of them are mounted on the roof of the bus, and with 480 kilowatts, it offered the highest capacity of all the tested buses. As a result, tests show that it is possible to drive more than five hundred kilometres with it without intermediate charging, and thus it can provide the daily needs of most carriers. For batteries, they offer two usage strategies, one is adapted to the greatest possible range, and the other is adapted to achieve the longest possible battery life.
Noise measurements in the passenger compartment showed that the Man was the quietest when driving, and the engineers managed to set the suspension very well so that the mass of the batteries, which are all mounted on the roof, is not felt while driving. The adjustment of the electric motor is also good, the acceleration is smooth and comfortable for the passengers, and the driver can adjust the regeneration levels with the steering wheel lever.

»Bus of the Year 2023 is a bus that applies to bus passenger for today and tomorrow. It is a modern looking vehicle and with an environmentally friendly driveline. Inside the bright colours make you feel welcome. You get the feeling of space, and calm. Just sit down and enjoy the ride,« said Tom Terjesen, the President of the
International Bus & Coach of the Year jury. He continues: »The winner has also one of the best working space on the marked. To sit behind the steering wheel in this bus, you are the big boss. You have a corner office with excellent view, and very few blind spots. You can feel safe with several safety build in solution and a lot of
preventive electronic safety equipment.«


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