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MAAG Group is Presenting Innovative Solutions That Enhance the Circular Economy at Fakuma 2023

MAAG Group is Presenting Innovative Solutions That Enhance the Circular Economy at Fakuma 2023

MAAG Group is a broadly diversified global solutions provider of Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing & Pulverizing Systems, Recycling Systems and digital solutions.

MAAG Group is represented at the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 17 – 21, 2023 (hall A6, booth 6202). You will have the chance to chat with our experts about our product portfolio for the polymer industry:

Find out more about our AMN die plates for highest quality requirements for throughputs up to 100 t/h. Specifically designed to produce high MI or complex polymers, the CIS system increases the water flow locally to facilitate cutting, improve pellet quality and reduce cavitation phenomena. Easily plugged on existing installations, the additional water flow is then efficiently distributed thanks to the knife holder equipped with a cone and saber knives, facilitating pellet cooling and ejection.

MAAG Ettlinger’s ECO 500 high performance melt filter.


MAAG ETTLINGERs ECO 500 is a high performance melt filter for the filtration of heavily contaminated polymer feedstock. For chemical recycling, this technology is outstanding for filtering low viscosity polymers. The filter is self-cleaning with a rotating, perforated drum, through which there is a continuous flow of melt from the outside to the inside. A scraper removes the contaminants that are held back on the surface and feeds them to the discharge system. This enables the filter to be used fully automatically and without any disruptions over long periods without having to replace the screen. The advantages: Reliable melt filtration, ultra-low melt losses constant pressure curve, fast spreading of the contamination and short residence time of the melt in the filter.

PEARLO 350 EAC with liquid-heated die plate for high capacities:

The underwater pelletizing system PEARLO 350 EAC is especially designed for high throughputs of like 18.000 kg/h of Virgin Polymer production. The unique cutting blade design and optimum water and material flow conditions within the cutting chamber provide not only ideal and homogeneous cooling effects but also outstanding pellet quality. Another innovative design feature of the PEARLO is the cutting blade advance system, which permits axial movement of the cutter shaft resulting in a precise blade advance as well as a regrinding of the blades during production. This allows higher equipment availability, elongated production runs and thus saves costs.

MAAGs strand pelletizing system EBG is designed for highly filled, hydroscopic and water-sensitive compounds. EBG scores with a high degree of automation, gentle material processing and excellent product quality. From the die head to the granulator, the pelletizing system forms a unit that, despite its compact design, has features of a large compounding system.

MAAG Group extrex gear pumps offer an optimized interaction of the components. Specially developed gear teeth with low compression allow very high pressures to be achieved with low shear rates. The result is a further increase in achievable product quality, volumetric efficiency, as well as production consistency and safety.

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