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LNG trucks with lower CO2 emissions for long-distance transport deployed

The first LNG truck, powered solely by liquefied natural gas, left Kaneka Belgium in Westerlo-Oevel on its way to Germany. The brand-new LNG trucks of transport company DE DECKER – VAN RIET will be used exclusively for the international transport of Kaneka MS Polymer. This partnership enables both companies to combine their policy on innovation and sustainability to contribute towards a better climate and innovation and embed sustainability into their strategy more deeply.

“We consider ecology, sustainability, and safety in everything we do.”

Having obtained the ‘Lean & Green’ certificate, Kaneka aims to achieve a 22.1% reduction in CO2 emissions in its logistics processes. Numerous measures have since been implemented to help achieve this objective, such as the considerable reduction in road transport to the ports by the maximum deployment of inland shipping. In the meantime, a distribution centre was put into use at the company’s own premises, which has drastically reduced the number of shuttle loads to external warehouses. True to its ‘green procurement’ strategy, Kaneka entered into partnerships for multimodal freight transport within Europe.

“Obtaining the Lean & Green certificate challenged us to develop our supply chain even further. Our action plan has been ongoing for four years now and we have already achieved a CO2 reduction of over 20%. The deployment of LNG for international freight transport has officially started the sprint towards the ‘Green Star,” says Danny Beyltiens, Supply Chain Manager of Kaneka Belgium NV.

“Customers embrace the LNG initiative”

Making sustainable choices has a positive effect on the relationship with customers, authorities and society. By investing in modern infrastructure for storage and unloading raw materials from ships, 900 ADR trucks were removed from Belgian roads in 2019 alone. The use of LNG trucks for bulk deliveries of Kaneka MS Polymer (liquid polymers used as base materials for high-quality adhesives, sealants and coatings) to Germany will streamline the supply chain even further. Moreover, customers greatly appreciate being supplied by an LNG truck in a smart and sustainable way.

“DE DECKER – VAN RIET invests in three LNG trucks for Kaneka”

As a stepping stone to possible future applications, such as hydrogen and electricity, liquefied natural gas is a future-proof alternative that no longer imposes restrictions on long-distance transport. There already are enough LNG filling stations to enable smooth international transport. In addition to lower consumption, lower emissions and lower fuel costs, these trucks will also contribute towards the climate through their reduced CO2 emissions. As the purchase of an LNG truck requires a larger investment than a traditional truck, the contribution to the climate determines future policy.

“For the switch to LNG we have invested in three Scania R410 LNG trucks, exclusively for Kaneka. These will be used to supply the majority of Kaneka’s German MS Polymer customers from the Kaneka site in Westerlo. This partnership is the outcome of many years of strong collaboration with Kaneka and embeds innovation and sustainability even more deeply in our joint strategy,” adds Christophe Larock, Business Unit Manager Tank Transport at DE DECKER – VAN RIET.


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