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Innovation and Traceability for Plastic Recycling Through Digital Product Passports

Innovation and Traceability for Plastic Recycling Through Digital Product Passports

Syncro Group joins R-Cycle

Syncro Group, a leading producer of auxiliaries with a sustainability proposition, joins the R-Cycle community to help Circular Economy growing into the Packaging Industry.

The concept of R-Cycle boosts technologies, allowing the recording of all recycling-relevant information from the production process in a standardized digital product passport.

All this is applied to the packaging and it is made available to the recycling industry through a data platform. R-Cycle has the goal of setting an open standard for the tracing of recyclable packaging across the value chain. The data from the product passport are retrievable via an appropriate marker (e.g. digital watermarks) on the packages.

This allows waste sorting systems to correctly identify fully recyclable packaging contributing to the climate neutrality goals described in the EU’s European Green Deal.


Gabriele Caccia, Syncro Group CEO and Andrea Rigliano, CSO and Greenology manager, are powered engines of the recent choice: “We are excited to join R-Cycle, an initiative which is including leading Companies in the plastic processing industry and has huge opportunities to upgrade recycling technologies, which are key to a circular economy a sustainability in packaging. Syncro Group companies have been pioneers in developing process, equipment and procedures offering the best control systems to enlarge usage of high-content recycled polymers and bio-compostable resins including applications for composite materials coated with cellulose and paper. We always believed in sustainability as a substantial commitment of all our design and manufacture talent which will bring technically-viable solutions involving different applications, and R-Cycle alliance and its technical hub go fully in this direction”.


Syncro Group includes:

Syncro is a pioneer and market leader in automation for the plastic extrusion industry. Syncro’s range of products are constantly evolving and they have a comprehensive portfolio of products for numerous applications such as, batch and continuous dosing units, centralized material conveying systems, automatic air rings, gauging systems for both blown and flat die extrusion lines, IBC systems, annealing systems, wire and cables measurement systems and bespoke supervisory systems.

Plasmac, also member of Erema Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of a full range of equipment and machineries in line and offline for post industrial waste recycling.

Plantech is recognized as top player in handling, conveying, mixing and storage technologies and plants to process granules, flakes, powders and liquids in a wide range of industries including recycling, washing plant and compounding.

AceLabs, joined the Family this year, designs and manufactures automated systems and quality control and sorting solutions based on machine vision technology and offers systems and solutions for quality control in extrusion packaging and printing quality control.

Eur.Ex.Ma. the latest addition to the Syncro Group, has been developing since 1999, lab and pilot extrusion lines for laboratories and R&D departments of companies specialized in the production and processing of thermoplastic materials.

Syncro group is above all committed to allow its world wide customers across different end-markets and applications to achieve their ambitions in sustainability. The Syncro Group is now part of such commitment.

This ambitious target undertaken a few years back by Syncro Group summarized in its mission “ZERO WASTE MYSSION” is soon to be fulfilled.



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