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HASCO Update – CAD Native Data for SolidWorks

HASCO Update – CAD Native Data for SolidWorks

Standard mould units in the CAD system can do a great deal more than just replicate the geometry. Parameter-controlled native standard mould units offer the designer numerous advantages.

With the latest update of the SolidWorks Database, HASCO is providing its customers with an exclusive tool with around 100 further products. The parametric data allows simple and precise working.

In addition to the geometry of the component, the standard elements also contain information about the cutting geometry. Through Boolean operations, the cutting elements can be removed from the mould plates. This considerably facilitates installation of the mould units in the mould.

Native CAD data with installation spaces for ultra-short design times

The fully parametric data also have decisive advantages if any changes are made, since the relevant parts automatically adapt to the corrections. A new parts list is then generated, guaranteeing very high process reliability and completely eliminating the risk of incorrect orders. The largely automated ordering process ensures punctual delivery for the start of assembly and rounds off the overall process in a perfect manner.

Maximum process reliability through automatic parts list generation

If the design data, with the added value of the installation geometry, is channelled directly to the machining centre, further savings can be made at the downstream CAM stage.

The CAD specialists at HASCO are always available to assist SolidWorks users in implementing the database in their own systems.


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