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ELITE 5408G: COF Stable Polyethylene Resin From Dow

ELITE 5408G: COF Stable Polyethylene Resin From Dow

ELITE 5408G, the new COF stable Polyethylene resin from Dow is the answer to all your worries. As a global technology leader in polyethylene, Dow is always on the lookout for the next innovation. To address a current unmet need in the flexible packaging industry, we have created the co-efficient of friction (COF) stable resin – ELITE 5408G (1.0g/10min MI; 0.918 g/cm3 density). This resin provides stable COF of lamination films in both PE and PET layers, throughout the entire process of lamination, curing, storage and transportation. It offers higher efficiency on fast speed packaging lines by minimizing film breakages and interruptions. The COF stable resin also features excellent optical and sealing properties.

As shown in Figure below, we have tested it at elevated temperatures for 7 days and at room temperature conditions for upto a year. ELITE 5408G hardly goes through any change in COF compared to conventional metallocene LLDPEs used in PET//PE or other such laminates.



With ELITE 5408G, you do not have to add any external slip masterbatch to achieve lower COF. ELITE 5408G in the sealant layer is just enough!

This new grade balances seal strength and COF performance, enabling a smoother, faster and more efficient packaging process.

Not to mention, ELITE 5408G has the sealing performance same as Dow’s ELITE polyethylene resin family, a state-of-the-art sealant portfolio, providing impressive optical and sealing properties.

Several of our customers in India have already adopted to this innovative grade in different applications ranging from surface printed milk & edible oil films, laminates and more demanding thermoforming films. Other benefits which our customers in India have got after adopting ELITE 5408G are as below:

  • No dependency on local distributors to stock small quantities of permanent slip masterbatches
  • No powder deposition onto food packed in thermoformed trays by not using external slip masterbatches
  • Can ensure stable COF in export laminates to their customers
  • No change in COF in products which are exposed to high temperatures like UHT milk films or solvent base adhesive laminates
  • Can survive hot summer months in India without any issues on the packaging lines



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