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Shyam’s medium range energy efficient SP Pristine Series

Shyam’s medium-range energy-efficient SP Pristine Series  

Gujarat-based Shyam Plastic Machinery was founded in 1993 with extrusion lines and expanded into PET Stretch Blow Moulding machines four years later in 1997. Starting with a humble production rate of 12 bottles per minute (BPM), as on day Shyam has Blowing machines up to 300 BPM speed. The fully automatic range of Shyam includes those of 2 and 4 cavity machines, with production up to 100 BPM.

Shyam’s SP Pristine series, a fully electric PET Stretch Blowing machine, was introduced to provide a mid-range production with high energy efficiency levels. The objective was to offer the energy-efficient cost-effective line to control the rising production cost of the final product.

“Shyam has always been a customer-centric company and keeps developing products to fulfill the needs of customers to make them more competitive, by reducing energy and maintenance costs, in the continuously evolving marketplace,” said Samir V Khakharia, Director, Shyam Plastic Machinery.

SP Pristine Series-I was introduced to cater to emerging customer needs for a range of machines from 150 to 300 BPM. Pristine series reduces the energy consumption by 35 to 40% compared to other linear machines by increasing the efficiency of the heating oven (continuous moving rotary type oven) by pitch reduction and completely eliminating low-pressure air requirement.

The company further introduced the upgraded SP Pristine series II by developing a unique heating oven design which further reduced heating load by 40% making it one of the most energy-efficient machines in this range. The popular line adds significant volumes each year launched in new Oven design to ensure longer life (practically life-long) of majority moving parts significantly reducing maintenance cost. The machine is a Reheal Stretch Blow Moulding type that uses pet preforms that are reheated, stretched, and blown to the final container.  

Functioning of SP Pristine series II

In S P Pristine series II, the preform hopper (preforms to be dumped into this hopper) is connected to the elevator conveyor, which takes preforms to unscrambler (orientation unit). The roller type unscrambler orients preforms and sends into loading channel, which supplies preforms to loading turret wheel, which in turn loads preforms to oven mandrels.

Loaded preforms are heated using 8 heating modules, each comprising of 7 heating lamps, while modules 1-3 are penetration zone and modules 7-8 are distribution zone.

Preform spreading is done by servo-controlled spreader assembly while preform transfer and bottle ejection are done by the servo-controlled transfer mechanism. Servo operated mold clamp system, together with blow air compensation ensures fast movement of mold platens, and also minimal parting line. Blown Bottles are inserted into Air Conveyor connected with the machine.  

The model is available in five variants from 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 cavity configurations. The 10-cavity configuration model (other cavity configurations possible based on variant) produces 14,500-15,000 per hour for a 1000 ml water bottle. The output varies with bottle design and performs weight & design with a guaranteed production efficiency of 95%.

The quality of blow molds highly contributes to the bottle quality and production rate, and hence Shyam recommends that blow molds are manufactured by the company, or procured from registered suppliers. Material of mold provided by is made from aluminum HE 20 Grade as standard supply. On Customer request, Alumec 89 can also be used at additional cost.

The all-electric machine uses multiple servo axes, in synchronous mode to optimize mechanical movements and timings, resulting in reduced mechanical functions time and allowing more process time leading to higher productivity of the machine.

Preform loading and heating conveyor is based on continuous movement, which removes the conventional pneumatic reciprocating movements, eliminating abnormal wear & tear of moving parts and also reducing air consumption.

The entire machine is based on a Neck Hold system, right from preform entry to bottle ejection, which has a great advantage against body holding of preforms and blown bottles, reducing a number of change parts and also reducing mold change over and efforts.   

Penetration zone followed by precise power-controlled zones provides accurate and efficient heating of preforms. Auto-controlled variable speed ventilation blowers also greatly contribute to precise heating control. This closed-loop heating system makes it a unique feature in its segment.  

Servo stretching system, with individual fast response blowing valve sets per cavity provides precise Stretch-Blow process control, which is a primary requirement for better material distribution.

Reduction of Pneumatic components and reciprocating movements, together with the use of servo motors for all major functions result in a reduction of impact and noise level.

The machine is enclosed on all sides and also from the top. This prevents dust from settling on to machine components. Reduction of dust levels reduces maintenance requirements and increases the life of all moving components. Machine covered from the top is again a unique provision in the segment.

Ease in mold change over and maintenance is one of the primary criteria taken care of while designing of this machine. The ergonomically designed machine provides a safe and convenient working level for the operators and maintenance personnel.

Necessary safety features like easily visible emergency mushroom buttons, machine mode switch limit switches in guards are part of standard equipment.

Blow Air Recovery is provided in all cavities so that part of high-pressure blowing air is re-collected back before exhaust. The same air can be used either for pre-blow or supplied back to the booster compressor as designed and desired.

The use of Servo motors replaces major pneumatic components that consume enormous compressed air, resulting in negligible air consumption, and hence highly reducing production costs. The operation air, less than 8 CFM (which is 115th to 1115th as compared to conventional machines) is easily recovered by the blow air recovery feature, still leaving extra air for another re-use.

Reduced pitch in the oven allows more preforms in the given heating area, and hence efficiently heat preforms using less heat, with minimal heat loss.

The interactive user interface allows the authorized user to use the machine interface (industrial PC), to order spares, access machine manuals, and also track spares order status.

During office hours, the Industrial PC can also be used by the operator to communicate with online support personnel.

Pre-designed Daily/ Batch production reports can be automatically generated and emailed to predefined personnel/ higher production authority.

The interface (under development) of the machine provides reminders for preventive maintenance based on usage hours of the machine.

The company also offers robust after-sales support as it has a dedicated team of engineers in order to respond to customer requirements without delay. Update, maintenance, and integration of new developments and technologies in the installed machines are also provided by the Ahmedabad-based company.   

SP Pristine series caters to all the customers in various industries like packaged drinking water, carbonated drink, fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, liquor & pharma sectors.

Shyam installed more than 450 machines spanning more than 45 countries that including the Indian sub-continent, European, Gulf, and African countries. The number of installations of the SP Pristine series alone is more than 60.



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