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DuPont and Regina Reach CO2 Savings Hallmark

DuPont and Regina Reach CO2 Savings Hallmark

Changeover to Delrin Renewable Attributed resin results in over 1000 tons CO2 savings since May 2021

DuPont’s Delrin business, along with its long-time development partner Regina, are proud to achieve a sustainability hallmark in reaching more than 1000 tons CO2 savings since adopting Delrin Renewable Attributed resin for the production of conveyor chains and modular belts 14 months ago.

The award-winning material is available worldwide for bottling conveyors and glass manufacturing industries to improve the sustainability footprint of production lines and conveyor applications. Delrin Renewable Attributed resin can have up to 75 percent lower CO2 footprint than the equivalent fossil-based Delrin resin in these

“The adoption of Delrin Renewable Attributed resin for standard and dry-running conveyor applications offers the opportunity to our customers to make a significant step toward achieving their sustainability targets,” said Paolo Garbagnati, CEO, Regina.“Once we started presenting the material on the market, we were astonished by the high level of interest that it raised. We managed to bring the conversation and the partnership with our customers to a place that was never explored before. It was and is a real breakthrough.”

The base polymer for Delrin Renewable Attributed grades is produced using 100 percent certified bio-feedstock from waste according to mass balance principles. Further, it is manufactured using 100 percent certified renewable electricity, steam-sourced via municipal waste energy recovery. And the material is accredited through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) mass balance certification system.

“Delrin Renewable Attributed is a good example of delivering on DuPont Sustainability Goals, as well as helping our customers reach theirs,” said Brian Ammons, global business senior director, Delrin business. “It is gratifying for the entire Delrin team, as well as our customer, to see an award-winning material making a significant difference in real-world applications.”


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