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Duomedia to Share Industry Expertise and Insight at “Voice of Packaging” Virtual Press Conference Series

Duomedia to Share Industry Expertise and Insight at “Voice of Packaging” Virtual Press Conference Series

Duomedia is launching Voice of Packaging in 2023, a series of virtual press conferences giving a voice to leading packaging industry solutions providers.

The educational virtual press conferences will enable international editors, journalists, and influencers worldwide to explore and discuss topics relevant to the packaging industry. Businesses, brands, and organisations will share their latest vision, innovations, and accomplishments with a global audience.

To date two topics have been announced:

  • Sustainability
  • Workflow

Packed with insight and expertise, the events will provide a platform for the industry to be heard. They will enable the attending international press to remain current with relevant news and insight presented by several leading companies in the industry.

Louis De Nolf, General Manager at duomedia, states: “There have been some shifts within the dynamics of international communication. There are fewer convenient opportunities for businesses and brands to address a global market. For many businesses it is not always smooth, simple, or cost effective to organise a conference themselves. With this initiative we are offering an opportunity for editors and influencers to gather information from businesses that set the tone for the packaging industry.”

The initiative responds to an industry trend accelerated during the covid 19 pandemic. When major international trade events were unable to host their local physical events, many businesses decided to launch their own virtual initiatives. These events are often sales driven and focussed on gathering leads. Providing added value for an international audience of editors and journalists requires a different approach. Louis De Nolf adds: “Journalists seek stories with news value for their audiences, backed up with facts and figures. Our Voice of Packaging press conferences are an opportunity to explore key operational issues impacting everyday operations as well as future steps, goals, and aspirations.”

Following the first Voice of Packaging event duomedia aims to expand the format to other industries.


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