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Digital control now available for entire granulator range

Digital control now available for entire granulator range

Monitoring is now an option for all sizes, starting from the 150 series machine-side granulators for small parts and sprues right up to the heavy-duty 600 series designed for the toughest applications. The control system detects not only parameters such as power consumption, motor speed and bearing temperatures but also the state of blades, screens and V belts. The recent implementation of the Ethernet-based, cross-system OPC UA standard means the machines can now be integrated into control center systems.

In addition to providing component monitoring and interconnection with other machines, the control system also has a ‘boost’ mode for adapting grinding capacity to production-related fluctuations. Adaption of operating parameters to defined plastics means that even temperature-sensitive grades can be straightforwardly processed without water cooling. The ‘eco’ operating mode adjusts machine speed to the prevailing input volume, reducing power consumption.

As Managing Director Mark Hellweg explains, ”The success of the two past years shows that Smart Control is meeting a long-felt need in the sector. Our customers particularly appreciate the ability to monitor the mills’ mechanical components and schedule maintenance accordingly, so avoiding disruptive and costly production downtime. High levels of demand have meant we have been able to adapt the Smart Control System to all our series much sooner than originally planned.”

And Hellweg adds, ”2020 was a difficult year, but thanks to Smart Control our order books have been and remain full. In fact, last year’s turnover was only just short of our previous record in 2019. Another helpful factor was that our new, approx. 500 m² production shop became ready for occupation, so significantly expanding our capacity. And because development and administrative workload is rising hand in hand with production, we are just finalizing plans to triple our office space. Construction of a new, two-story administration building is scheduled to begin this year.”


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