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Covestro receives the German Design Award for its CMF Aesthetics Toolkit

Successful realization of CMF concepts in product design and production

Covestro receives the German Design Award for its CMF Aesthetics Toolkit

The goal is to inspire designers through the aesthetics and functionality of polycarbonate

Covestro will be honored with the German Design Award for its "CMF Aesthetics Toolkit". Developed in collaboration with designer Chris Lefteri, its purpose is to inspire designers to explore the aesthetic and functional possibilities of using polycarbonate. © Covestro

As announced by the German Design Council, Covestro’s CMF Aesthetics Toolkit will receive the German Design Award 2022 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Material and Surfaces.” The toolkit is designed to inspire designers to explore the many aesthetic and functional possibilities of polycarbonate in the field of color, material and finish (CMF). Developed in collaboration with renowned designer Chris Lefteri and Chris Lefteri Design Ltd, it is designed to pave the way for inspiring dialogue and creative collaboration between Covestro and its Color & Design (CMF) team with designers and CMF experts.


“For designers, samples are key to understanding a material’s potential, but they are products that rarely get the attention they deserve from material suppliers,” says Chris Lefteri. “Polycarbonate has some outstanding aesthetic properties that are showcased in the aesthetic toolkit we designed for Covestro. The shape, form and outline draw attention to its inherent transparency, color and surface effects that highlight its glass-like qualities. Through the interplay of the two parts, which can be overlaid in color, it is intended to inspire new applications and facilitate dialogue between designers and Covestro.”


The Aesthetics Toolkit shows CMF trends on different polycarbonate substrates – depending on the industry, application, color, texture and functionality. 24 trending colors and textures help designers understand the properties of polycarbonates while capturing the visual effects of different combinations in novel 3D form factors.


“We are very honored and excited to receive this prestigious award. It is a confirmation of Covestro’s expertise and activities in CMF. We are a leading materials supplier, and our ambition goes well beyond just providing materials,” says Dr. Christopher Stillings, Vice President, Global Head of Color & Design (CMF) in Covestro’s Engineering Plastics segment. “By working with Chris Lefteri, we look forward to inspiring more designers and CMF experts to create and realize aesthetic, efficient design and inspiring products with polycarbonate.”


He adds, “We see designers and CMF experts as key partners for innovation and want to work more closely with them by offering our capabilities from front-end trend research to back-end design applications. Covestro offers sustainable material solutions that deliver both high aesthetic value and high performance.”


The German Design Awards, which are among the most prestigious design prizes in the world, enjoy an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles and are presented annually by the German Design Council.


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