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Clariant Launches ‘The Joyologist’ Concept With Inspiring Formulations to Brighten Your Skin and Mood

Clariant Launches ‘The Joyologist’ Concept With Inspiring Formulations to Brighten Your Skin and Mood

  • “Feel-Good Magic Stick” and “Forget-It-All Relaxing Mask”, two natural formulations under Clariant’s new “The Joyologist” concept
  • Products complement daily routine, bringing joy to the skin and mood
  • New formulations contain Clariant’s exciting active ingredients – Rootness Mood+ and Beracare CBA
  • The Joyologist helps consumers with natural solutions that can enhance wellness and happiness

Today, the search for holistic wellness is flourishing as consumers focus on mental health and solutions that can help inspire them to relax and feel happy. As part of this growing trend, Clariant Actives and Natural Origins has created two formulations to promote inner wellness.

The Feel-Good Magic Stick and Forget-It-All Relaxing Mask are formulations developed as part of Clariant’s new “The Joyologist” concept, focused on delivering a multi-sensory experience to consumers for mood enhancement and relaxation. Both formulations complement a daily routine.

“Based on a Beautystreams report titled Joyology 2021-2026, consumers believe that beauty care can help them feel happier and more confident. Among 29 potential sources of happiness measured, 55% of people across the world said they are most likely to derive “the greatest happiness” from health and physical wellbeing. This inner wellness can further increase if personal care products are also aligned with their concerns for safety and the conservation of nature,” said Flávia Igreja, Global Marketing and Formulation Manager for Actives and Natural Origins.

The “Feel-Good Magic Stick” is a water-based facial skin stick that provides a relaxing, fresh effect at any moment of the day for a well-being push. Aqueous gels provide cooling sensations to the skin thanks to their water-based formulation and the gel in the “Feel-Good Magic Stick” has a lightweight, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

The formulation is based on Clariant’s new active ingredient Rootness Mood+ that reproduces the natural benefits of light to revitalize the skin and enhance the mood. Sourced from Sanguisorba officinalis, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is derived from environmentally friendly plant-milking technology.

As an ideal complement to the Feel-Good Magic Stick, the “Forget-It-All Relaxing Mask” is applied to the skin at the end of the day. Offered in a multi-sensorial relaxation set, which includes a scented candle and relaxing playlist, the facial care mask has a soft texture that leaves skin feeling relaxed and soothed.

Its key active ingredient is Beracare CBA, a complex blend in which copaiba oil’s tremendous potential is boosted by passion fruit oil. Beracare CBA, which is sourced responsibly from renewable resources in the Amazon, offers an alternative to Cannabidiol (CBD), soothing sensitive skin by targeting the skin’s endocannabinoid system.

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