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Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart Recognized by The Association of Plastic Recyclers

Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart Recognized by The Association of Plastic Recyclers

Ring Container Technologies, a leader in the plastic container manufacturing industry, today announced Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart, a technology designed to protect both product freshness and the environment, has received Critical Guidance Recognition from The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

A program for assessing recyclability in plastics packaging design, APR’s Critical Guidance Recognition is presented to companies for products that solve well-established challenges in sustainable package design. Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart has met the high standards for clear PET resins and molded articles, supporting the APR’s design for circularity.

“While traditional barrier systems typically inhibit single stream recycling efforts, our proprietary barrier technology has been formally recognized by APR as being non-detrimental to the clear PET recycling stream,” said Brian Smith, Ring Container President and Chief Operating Officer. “The environment is depending on our industry to create more sustainable solutions to packaging, and Ring is proudly committed to moving plastics technology forward.

Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart previously earned the How2Recycle “Widely Recycled” label with broad acceptance in curbside programs. This proprietary technology reduces the need to create new material from fossil feedstock due to the circular benefits of readily recycled and highly reusable PET. It can also utilize post-consumer recycled content with no effect on barrier protection.

Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart can be customized to achieve up to a 24-month shelf life with a range of products including ketchup, other tomato-based sauces, instant coffee, nuts, and baby food among others.

“APR’s Critical Guidance Recognition Program is the gold standard for determining the effect of an innovation on the quality of the plastics recycling stream,” according to Steve Alexander, APR’s President and CEO. “We commend Ring Container Technologies for the development of their Barrier Guard Oxygen Smart technology, which has received Critical Guidance Recognition, a first for materials of this type.”



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