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Baerlocher – A 200 Years Young Group

Baerlocher – A 200 Years Young Group

Baerlocher Group
Additives play an important role in determining processing properties as well as the end product quality and its performance characteristics. Baerlocher Group of Companies is one of the leading suppliers of additives for the plastics industry with a strong focus on PVC. Baerlocher has extensive technology and market know-how drawn from close to two centuries of company history. Baerlocher also has presence in Italy, the US, Malaysia, South America, the UK, India, Turkey and China.

Baerlocher’s aim has always been to increase the customers’ efficiency and improve working condition of their operations. Comprehensive production and application know-how along with the development of new additive systems make Baerlocher stand out as research oriented enterprise with strong creative potential. With continuous development of new formulations, Baerlocher provides the customers with the best suitable additive systems allowing them to optimize their products and processes.

With a focus on sustainability of PVC, Baerlocher has been an active member of VinylPlus and has thus continuously developed Ca-based systems to produce stabilizers which are not just equivalent but in some respects superior to Lead based formulations. The product development of Ca based systems also involves the choice of sustainable raw material sources and compliance of all raw materials with the current chemical legislations. By 2013, Baerlocher had the full range of ReaCH compliant products in the basket.

Baerlocher India
Baerlocher India Additives Pvt. Ltd. (BIA) – the Indian subsidiary of the Baerlocher group is the country’s leading stabilizer manufacturer in terms of both quality and quantity. From a humble beginning in 1998, BIA now operates one of the most modern and well integrated facility meeting the global standards of quality, health, safety and environment, for the manufacture of PVC additives in Dewas – Madhya Pradesh. BIA facility has transformed from a small unit with a capacity of < 5,000 TPA to a modern manufacturing site with four production plants producing over 30,000 TPA of products. BIA’s extensive network spans over 20+ retail outlets which covers the length and breadth of the country.

Total Solution Provider
BIA believes in and practices the policy of ‘Product Plus.’ Maintaining a strong focus on quality and quantity of the products.

BIA has the expertise to meet stringent quality standards required by today’s high through-put conversion machines. By supplying quality products, BIA is contributing to the national goal of “Atmanirbhar” (Self-sufficient) and also helping the industry to be supplier of world class finished plastic goods.

The plastics industry is going through a paradigm shift which is driven by a number of industry initiatives and legal directives combined with dramatic changes in raw materials. This calls for a smooth and fast technology transfer from the research laboratory to the customer’s shop floor. Baerlocher Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) is located at its manufacturing plant in Dewas and is the state of the art center of its kind in the in the PVC additive business in the Indian subcontinent.

Product Range
The product basket of BIA covers a wide range additives meeting the requirements of both rigid and flexible PVC application sector. The stabilizers cover Calcium based stabilizers including Ca-Zn and Ca-organic systems, Liquid mixed metals and Methyl Tin stabilizer and Lead based – both single component and one packs. Among other additives, BIA offers both internal and external lubricants, processing aids and impact modifiers and secondary plasticizer. Thus BIA is the one stop solution of the major additive requirement of the Indian PVC processors.

CSR Activities
BIA not only works for the health, safety and environment for all; but is also very much concerned about the community and civil society. BIA conducts several health care & education related activities in and around Dewas. Apart from this, BIA has been contributing to develop skilled manpower in the field of plastics processing along with CIPET (Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology)– the premier national institution under the patronage of the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

In January 2021, BIA broke ground on the second phase of expansion at its manufacturing site in Dewas. The phase-1 of expansion has been realized with an increase in Ca based stabilizer production capacity of 20,000 TPA in year 2020 which includes novel and proven technology advantageous product forms. These offer considerable benefits in material handling and dust control compared to the powder form. The phase-2 with 30,000 TPA scalable plant is expected to be ready for commissioning in 2022. In the PVC stabilizers, BIA will now focus on Ca based stabilizer capacity whilst continuing to provide choice for PVC convertors with traditional systems to enable their transition towards sustainable Calcium based stabilizer system.

The phase-2 expansion will also include the Specialty Additives (SPA) covering acid scavengers for the Polyolefins production, additive blends for polyolefin recycling, mould release agents for various thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomer processing and water proofing chemicals for the construction sector, to name a few.

BIA’s investments not only support future growth of polymeric and non-polymeric industries, but also enable a reduction of environmental impact aligning with the Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and the need to offer zero effect products which are environment friendly.


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