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At drinktec, United Caps Continues its Industry-Leading Sustainability Position by Demonstrating its Sustainability Goals and Transformation

At drinktec, United Caps Continues its Industry-Leading Sustainability Position by Demonstrating its Sustainability Goals and Transformation

United Caps on track to reach science-based emissions reduction targets, with 50% reduction by 2030, net zero for entire carbon footprint by 2050

United Caps, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, today reported that it will be featuring discussions with visitors to its drinktec booth regarding its ongoing progress toward net zero carbon footprint and a circular economy for plastics, while continuing to deliver caps that enhance the end-user experience for its customers’ brands. The ultimate aim is caps made from 100% renewable feedstocks or recycled plastic, using 100% green energy and made by a happy, secure workforce operating in a carbon neutral environment.

“As we have stated in the past and continue to carry forward today, we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. The same innovation that goes into making our products drives our work to tackle some of the packaging world’s most pressing challenges,” said CEO Benoit Henckes. “Our sustainability plan encompasses four main pillars with specific actions in process for each. These include corporate governance, social responsibility, product responsibility and the environment. This is a United all-of-company effort to which our highly talented team is applying full efforts, and those efforts are only continuing to intensify as we transition our operations to becoming an enthusiastic part of a truly circular economy for plastics.”

In pursuit of these goals, during 2021 United Caps established measures and processes to gauge its carbon emissions and their impact, establishing a benchmark, the first step toward achieving carbon neutrality. In 2022, rigorous second-year measures using the GHG protocols are well underway, enabling consistent focus and transparency. The GHG Protocol method is an effective solution for ranking CO2 emissions by source and for launching an active CO2 emissions reduction process. It is a worldwide recognized standard developed by a partnership of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

“Another significant element of our sustainability transformation,” Henckes added, “is our intensity in driving the adoption of ISCC+ certified feedstocks. We’ve been working very hard to bring more and more of our locations on board as registered and certified ISCC+ production facilities. We’re seeing high demand for more sustainable cap options and many of those can be found at our drinktec booth.”

United Caps will be discussing sustainability and demonstrating sustainable products at the upcoming drinktec show, scheduled for 12 to 16 of September at Messe München, Germany. United Caps will be located on Stand C5.403 at the show. This includes the UCTC range of tethered closures alongside caps manufactured with ISCC+ certified resins as well as advanced techniques to calculate the impact of choices made in cap selection.”

In addition, United Caps has prepared a dedicated Sustainability microsite which includes a downloadable report, to be released at drinktec, where interested parties can find information about UC’s sustainability activities. It includes information about how Sustainability is driving new product developments like UCTC Tethered Closures and Mimica Touchcaps. The report is an update of United Caps Interim Sustainability Report 2020 that was highly touted as an industry first when it was initially released. It details progress right across the journey of a closure from In the Plant to In the Hand.

Henckes concluded, “Whether it’s an ‘off the shelf’ development like our UCTC range or a bespoke development like the PureTwistFlip closure developed with Elopak, more and more brands are working with United Caps to reach their own sustainability ambitions. We extend an open invitation to brands to workshop with us to create products with values that also drive value, and we look forward to initiating many of these discussions at drinktec.


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