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Why Artificial intelligence is a wise investment

Why Artificial intelligence is a wise investment

What does the phrase Artificial Intelligence (AI) conjure up for you? Is it unfathomable science fiction software programmers, driverless cars, or autonomous robots?

AI is, according to Cambridge Dictionary, ‘the study of how to produce machines that have some of the qualities that the human mind has, such as the ability to understand language, recognize pictures, solve problems, and learn’.

That ability is already very much a part of our lives. Forbes highlights ten everyday uses including face ID for phones, spam filters on emails, fraud detection in banking and even viewing recommendations on Netflix. Its uses are increasing every day – including in the printing industry.

Among the essential production benefits, AI can offer, highlighted by Keypoint Intelligence, are the ability to:

  • Continually improve as it can manage new situations while traditional software can only complete what it is programmed to perform. An AI solution has a core set of capabilities that grows as it learns the types of print jobs being run.
  • Grow through pattern recognition and learning by correction. AI has the ability to handle much broader capabilities than traditional or rules-based programs and then learn through any mistakes.
  • Respond to new, unexpected, situations making it ideal for real-world applications where anything can happen.

In fact, Ricoh developed the Ricoh Pro Scanner Option with a vision system that can exceed human performance. It identifies details that improve accuracy and consistency, decrease manual touchpoints and increase the overall efficiency of production through predictive analytics. Available for the Ricoh Pro VC60000 and Ricoh Pro VC70000 high-speed inkjet platforms it constantly monitors production to check on the machine’s condition and the quality and accuracy of the printed content. It continually feeds back to the machine controls so the AI element can improve future production. It informs engineering if a preventative maintenance visit should be planned.

It can also help automate a variety of labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks, such as printhead cleaning, paper profiling, and even daily start-up routines. The consistency of machine-generated profiles ensures there are no variations between the approaches of one operator compared to the next. Over time it carefully measures the results of each task, noting differences in results and methods and gradually, intelligently, and automatically improving the machine’s overall performance.

Data is important as a business currency and AI is the brain that invests it wisely. AI helps solve complex problems in today’s workplace by learning from data and applying continuous adjustments to optimize business processes, empower employees and engage customers.

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