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Are You Ready to Take Your Automation to the Next Level?

Are You Ready to Take Your Automation to the Next Level?

Sander Sondaal, Director Commercial Print Sales, Ricoh Graphic Communications, Ricoh Europe

When Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023 opens its doors in just over two weeks the focus of the compact but well attended international industry event will be next level automation.

The 14th iteration of the show will demonstrate how fragmented processes can be combined by the intelligent linking of work steps. It will highlight how this this leads to greater efficiency, enhanced quality, and production planning efficiency.

It will demonstrate how next level automation goes beyond solutions and systems to include the intelligent interlinking of major production processes.

It will explore the challenges that today’s operational reality poses and the ways to solve them.

Rather than one size fits all, off the shelf technological solutions, attendees will be able to investigate how they work with suppliers to shape operation-specific, tailored software that meets their specific requirements.

Among the broad industry challenges software solutions help operations more effectively respond to are:

Handling a greater mix of fast turnaround short run jobs
Commercial printers have to manage an increasing variety of short run jobs against tighter turnaround times to win business while maintaining profitability. A seamless process for acceptance, planning, printing, and finishing is essential to maximise capacity and optimise productivity. Operations need to create a streamlined workflow that efficiently manages jobs.

At Hunkeler Ricoh will preview exclusively RICOH TotalFlow Producer, a print on demand app that funnels print jobs from multiple submission methods into a consolidated cloud-native location. Vendor agnostic, it can seamlessly integrate into existing client environments, to provide the ability to view and edit jobs. An automatic pre-flight function helps to identify file issues, including missing fonts, inaccurate page size, poor image resolution, incorrect colour and more. This helps eliminate errors, reduce costly reruns, save valuable time, and improve client service levels.

Ensuring operational efficiency
Commercial printers are under pressure to increase productivity, offer new applications, and expand their capabilities. To successfully achieve this requires information to flow through production smoothly with complete integrity. It also needs to be accessible and available at all times.

At Hunkeler Innovationdays, Ricoh will demonstrate its automated end to end workflow management solution RICOH ProcessDirector. It captures, transforms,and manages information and processes in ways that can help achieve 100% output integrity, reduce costs, eliminate errors, increase productivity, streamline a variety of production environments, and increase profitability.

Maximising business potential
Commercial printers can struggle to unleash the full potential of their business. Essential to succeeding in today’s ever evolving professional print marketplace is easily accessible, critical operational data and actionable reporting. Being able to assess equipment efficiency, make better purchasing decisions based on device performance, and understand throughput to plan for peak capacity all provide valuable data that can help inform day to day running.

RICOH Supervisor will show attendees how they can collect and place operational data into customisable web based dashboards to optimise device utilisation, performance, and throughput. It can help improve print job estimating, operator skills, and compliance as well as identify and resolve issues promptly.

Innovation in workflow automation in the digital printing environment will also be further explored by Ricoh at the DOXNET on-site conference. It will take place on February 28.

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