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ARBURGadditive: Large Freeformer 750-3X, 3D Printing of LSR and Services

ARBURGadditive: Large Freeformer 750-3X, 3D Printing of LSR and Services

  • Industrial additive manufacturing: Large Freeformer 750-3X from Arburg processes standard granules
  • 3D printing with LSR: LiQ 5 from innovatiQ additively manufactures components from liquid silicone
  • Partnership: Arburg expands its range of additive manufacturing services with t-exact

ARBURGadditive will be presenting its range of products and services for additive manufacturing at Stand 2-301 at the Rapid.Tech 3D trade fair and specialist AM congress from 9 to 11 May 2023 in Erfurt, Germany. The new large Freeformer 750-3X, which processes original plastic granules, and the LiQ 5 for 3D printing liquid silicone (LSR) will be on show. ARBURGadditive will also be providing information on additive manufacturing services alongside its partner t-exact.

“With our freeformers from Arburg and 3D printers from innovatiQ, we offer a broad spectrum for industrial additive manufacturing,” says Dr Victor Roman, Managing Director of ARBURGadditive. “The highlight of the trade fair is the large Freeformer 750-3X, which uses Arburg Plastic Freeforming to additively process the same original granules as in injection moulding, and does so even faster and more economically than before. And innovatiQ has invented liquid additive manufacturing for 3D printing with liquid silicone. Both technologies are unique on the market.”

Freeformer 750-3X – fast, accurate and economical

The latest and largest Arburg machine for additive manufacturing will be on display at Rapid.Tech 2023: the Freeformer 750-3X. At 750 square centimetres, its build chamber is around 2.5 times larger than that of the Freeformer 300-3X – with the same external dimensions. This enables it to produce larger functional components or to additively manufacture small batches industrially, including from soft materials and in hard/soft combinations.

Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) with the freeformer is an open system that can handle a wide range of materials. This means that users can control the process themselves and can specifically adjust and optimise layer separation, droplet size and parameters. In addition, data processing and the Gestica controller developed and manufactured by Arburg itself have been further optimised in terms of process stability, component quality and build time. The result is significantly reduced costs per component. The freeformer is also the right solution for complex geometries, integrated functions and work in clean rooms.

3D printing of components from standard silicone (LSR)

The second exhibit is a LiQ5 for LSR processing. Thanks to its actively heatable build chamber, this 3D printer from innovatiQ is taking LAM (liquid additive manufacturing) technology another step forward in its development. This means that components for orthopaedics or technical seals, for example, can now be printed with even greater process reliability. And all of that in injection moulding quality, but without the use of an expensive tool.

The product portfolio of innovatiQ also includes the TiQ series, which process plastic filaments using FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology. The 3D printing systems from innovatiQ are likewise based on an open material platform.

Arburg offers AM services with partners

The Arburg experts offer a wealth of expertise on all aspects of industrial additive manufacturing. To demonstrate its associated range of services, Arburg will be joined at its stand this time by partner t-exact from Steinbach-Hallenberg (Thuringia), who will be presenting its services in the areas of additive manufacturing, 3D analysis using computed tomography, and coordinate and profile measurements. At the Arburg stand, numerous components used in industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical technology will also be available to visitors as hands-on displays.

The new Freeformer 750-3X has three discharge units and a significantly enlarged build chamber measuring 330 millimetres x 230 millimetres x 230 millimetres.


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