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Arburg Partner Summit: Inspiring Gathering of Experts

Arburg Partner Summit: Inspiring Gathering of Experts

  • Special occasion: 450 Arburg technology partners and suppliers hosted in Lossburg
  • Transfer of expertise: Anniversary celebration and opportunity for networking within the Arburg family
  • Core topics: Material shortage and Arburg activities for more sustainability

Arburg hosted a “Partner Summit” in Lossburg. This anniversary event was Arburg’s special way of thanking its long-standing technology partners and suppliers, without whom the unique success story of “100 years of the Hehl family company” would not have been possible. 450 invited guests came to the company headquarters to celebrate the anniversary in the “Arburg Cube” and to find out more during presentations and company tours. Centre stage was taken by the comprehensive activities of Arburg and its partners on the topic of sustainability. The event was rounded off with a brilliant evening programme in the presence of Arburg’s Partners and Managing Directors. Enthusiastic guests took advantage of the opportunity to network and celebrate with the large Arburg family until early in the morning of the following day.

“It makes me really proud to look around here – it’s great that you’re all here”, said Guido Frohnhaus, Managing Director of Technology, welcoming the guests to the “Arburg Cube” event location, which had been specially built for the anniversary. Talking about how important long-standing partnerships are for the company, he added: “We maintain exceptionally close, trusting and appreciative relationships with our suppliers and technology partners, in some cases over decades. This is one of the reasons why we haven’t had any production standstills in the last few turbulent years and why we were and remain able to deliver at all times.” Guido Frohnhaus credited the company’s resilience with helping it to weather the difficult times too, with strong and reliable partners playing an important role. At the same time, and in close cooperation with industry and science, he noted that Arburg was continuing to develop its products and processes sustainably in the direction of production and energy efficiency, resource conservation and a reduced carbon footprint.

In her “arburgGREENworld” presentation, Samira Uharek, Arburg Sustainability Manager, used numerous application examples to explain the company’s arburgGREENworld activities and action plan for greater production and resource efficiency, a stronger circular economy and a sustainable reduction in the carbon footprint.


Expert presentation on semiconductor dependence

Andreas Mangler, Director Strategic Marketing at Rutronik, one of Europe’s leading semiconductor distributors based in Baden-Württemberg, shed light on the complexity of supply chains for electronic components in his keynote address. Describing the many steps in the value chain from chip design to the final semiconductor product, he pointed out a dependence on only a few companies in countries such as the US, Japan, Taiwan and China and set this against the backdrop of growing demand in Europe, particularly in the industrial and automotive sectors. Andreas Mangler was positive about the fact that Arburg, unlike many other companies, has taken the issue of software into its own hands and has a very high vertical range of manufacture in the field of electronics and in-house control engineering.

Fascinating keynote: Andreas Mangler, Director of Strategic Marketing at Rutronik, gave a vivid account of the complexity of supply chains for electronic components.


arburgGREENworld: Sustainability at Arburg

Samira Uharek, Arburg Sustainability Manager, gave an overview of the company’s comprehensive sustainability activities as part of the “arburgGREENworld” programme. She listed its goals as increased production and resource efficiency, circular economy, and a reduction in the carbon footprint. Ways of achieving these range from FEM-optimised design, the use of close-contour raw materials and minimisation of sheet metal waste in the production of Allrounders, to services such as the arburgXworld customer portal, the testing of alternative plastics and Arburg’s new “Action Plan: Energy” for on-site energy consulting with customers. On top of this, she cited efficient waste management and the use of rainwater, wind power, geothermal energy and photovoltaics. At around 60 per cent, the company’s high proportion of in-house production combined with its short supply chains guarantees resource efficiency. As part of its action plan, Arburg is continuously working to act in a more climate-neutral, socially responsible and accountable manner and makes this transparent in its Sustainability Report. Evidence of the strategy’s effectiveness can be seen, for example, in the 100 million kilograms of CO2 saved at the central production site since 2010. In addition, the company participates in the internationally renowned Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), with Arburg achieving a top level “B” score in machine construction for the third time since 2021. In 2022, Arburg added a Silver Medal EcoVadis rating, which also took account of labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and ethics. Samira Uharek highlighted Arburg’s ability to rely on its consistent procurement policy and excellent supply chain management, with 72 per cent of the delivery share coming from Germany and 66 per cent of these from Baden-Württemberg. The sustainability activities of suppliers had a positive effect on machine footprints and were therefore of great value to Arburg, she remarked.

The tours offered intriguing insights: Arthur Kopp, Arburg’s Head of Materials Management, led one of the 14 groups through the company.


Fascinating company tours

In the subsequent company tours, a large number of application examples helped make complex issues “tangible”. “Our partners and suppliers could see for themselves how we have always approached our processes, internal value streams, digitalisation, products and construction developments from an integrated perspective. This quite literally made a lasting impression on our guests”, explained Arthur Kopp, Head of Materials Management at Arburg. “With the numerous practical examples we were certainly able to give the participants a lot of impulses to expand their own ‘Green World’.” Experts were on hand at a total of ten stations to address topics such as in-house electronics manufacturing and control engineering, sustainable building technology, turnkey solutions and resource-efficient production in the areas of cubic production, sheet metal production and work preparation. This was complemented by an overview of development partnerships and the presentation of the “arburgXworld” and “arburgGREENworld” programmes. Machine technology was also presented and live sustainable injection moulding applications were on show. These included the production of “Greenline” Fischer dowels made from 50 per cent bio-based plastic, toolbox handles made from post-consumer recyclate and IML cups made from post-industrial recyclate.

Perfectly organised: During the tours, partners and suppliers received a wealth of information at ten stations on injection moulding applications, such as here in the Customer Center, as well as on sustainable production methods, supply chains, building technology and development partnerships.


Sparkling evening event in a family atmosphere

Managing Partners Juliane Hehl, Renate Keinath and Michael Hehl opened the atmospheric gala evening with an amusing question-and-answer session, in which they gave authentic and personal accounts of what Arburg has stood for over the past century and the path that the company will take for the next 100 years.

The 450 guests were completely thrilled by the Partner Summit and gala evening in the unique “Arburg Cube” event location.


One important step towards the future is the milestone machine, for example, which Managing Directors Gerhard Böhm and Guido Frohnhaus presented in a lively dialogue. They explained that the hybrid Allrounder 470 H incorporates many technical innovations that are unique to Arburg and ensure that the machine saves energy, conserves resources, is efficient in production, user-friendly and reliable all at the same time.

Two huge LED screens took the guests on an exciting journey through time, packed with Arburg milestones and pictures of relevant moments in the company’s history. Another item on the programme was video greetings from employees around the world. The individual videos finally came together to form a mosaic image of the heads of Eugen and Karl Hehl. Show interludes included a breathtaking swing & breakdancing performance and spectacular LED drummers. Accompanied by live music, many guests made the most of the chance to chat and celebrate well until early in the morning of the following day.

Emotional conclusion: On behalf of all employees, Managing Directors Jürgen Boll (left), Gerhard Böhm (2nd from left) and Guido Frohnhaus (right) thanked Managing Partners Juliane Hehl (3rd from left), Renate Keinath (centre) and Michael Hehl (2nd from right) at the end of the anniversary celebration. There was a standing ovation when Gisela Hehl (3rd from right) was asked to come on stage.


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